What things trigger your "automatic avoidance" routines?

  1. People peddling the good lord.
  2. People who want me to take a survey.
  3. People who complain all the fucking time. I mean the type who think a complaint is a conversation starter.
  4. People who never, ever curse. Weirdos.
  5. Bat-shit crazy people.
  6. Hippies.

Kids do it to me too. If a child is being rowdy in the least, I want them away, NOW. If a kid is quietly looking around or pointing things out to his guardian, that’s fine.

People who throw money or product at me (I’m a cashier).

People I’m not attracted to who want to flirt with me. This doesn’t happen often, but when it does I shut down.

Anyone who asks me to critique their poetry.

Oddly enough, I don’t like walking past that building, either. I don’t cross the street, mind, but I do quicken my step til I’m past it.

Anyone who asks if I want to talk about it.

Things which are sticky that should not be sticky.

[li]A ringing phone[/li][li]A screaming child[/li][li]Anyone who is whining regardless of age[/li][li]Anyone who is speaking too loud[/li][li]People who are slurping their drinks, snapping their gum or otherwise making pigs of themselves[/li][li]Crowds[/li][li]My irritating neighbours[/li][/ul]

Here are some of my must-avoid-at-all-costs (I own a retail store);

I don’t mind people that smoke so much, but every now and again I run across someone that REEKS of smoke. I have a sales rep like that, and all of her samples stink. I swear, she has a yellow haze around her.

Kids with poopy diapers. Parents, change them. Now.

I have another sales rep that, when paging through MY catalogs, licks his fingers when he turns the pages. Ew. He was so surprised when I told him to please not do that. He soon forgets and does it again. I usually have to call the company after he leaves to order another catalog.

People that say “like” every other word.

Another peeve - it’s getting close to summer vacation now, and the college and high school kids come out of the woodwork looking for a job. Kids, don’t let this be you;


exposed belly, butt, boobs, etc.

please don’t chomp gum while you’re talking to me

don’t bring your friend/boyfriend to the interview with you

don’t ask if I drug test and look nervous :rolleyes:
For some reason, the flip flops drive me nuts! Why would you go out looking for a job application wearing frayed shorts, a wife beater, and flip flops? I see this every year.

Smokers. If I’m waiting at a bus stop and one lights up near me I’ll move as far away as I have to to get away from the smoke.