What Time Did You Wake Up Today?

4:30 am… I never sleep past 7am, and go to bed a little before midnight. If I can’t go back to sleep within 5-10 minutes, I have to get up, despite knowing my entire day will be misery.

I know this is beyond mundane, but I’m curious. Even if its not usually the time you wake up .

8:00 AM. Occasionally, my wife might let me sleep a little longer if I need to (late night, multiple bathroom visits during the night). If she’s not up by 7:30 AM, the furry alarm clocks start barking for breakfast/potty breaks.

I’m still asleep. I’ll let you know later.

I usually go to bed around 1030, toss and turn most of the night because me and good sleep haven’t been pals for many years, and then if a weekend I wake up around 0700. If a weekday and I have to work I wake up at 0520 in order to get ready, get out the door, drive my long commute, and be in the classroom by 0800. But I took today off to get my first Covid vax (woot!) so I woke up later than usual. 0700 today.

Woke up at 5:30, as usual. Weekends we lounge in bed till 6.

Somewhere around 0915, I think; lay in bed reading until just before 1100, then got up to go fix breakfast.

“Normal” wakeup time is anywhere between 0730 and 1130. Retirement is nice. :smiley:

6:12 a.m. My wife was in bed reading on her iPad. I said, “what time is it?” She said “6:12” I’m generally up between 6 and 7, even though most days there is no need to be. We go to bed early, and are well rested by 6:00. I had to be at work by 7:30 today, and beat it by 30 minutes.

Whoa. Props your way. I wake up at 5:30 but don’t have to be at work until 9. It’s a 12 minute drive to work, but I arrive around 9:30 most days.

I typically get up some time between 4:30 and 5:30.

I go to bed usually around nine, unless I’ve been sleeping exceptionally badly, or not feeling well. Then I could go to bed any time after 7pm, and take a PRN to help me sleep.

I usually wake up between 1am & 2:30. Sometimes, if I have an intense day ahead, I take something to get right back to sleep, but usually I get up and get something done.

I try lying down again after anywhere from 1-3 hours. If after 20 minutes, I’m not even slightly sleepy, I do one of three things, and what I do depends on a lot of considerations…Do I have a busy day, or can I get a nap later? Do I have to do a lot of driving? Did I get at least 6 hours sleep? How much have I generally been sleeping lately? Could I sleep at least 3 more hours, or less than 2?

Then I do one of these: take a PRN and settle in for more sleep; just stay awake; take melatonin, and lie down and rest, with about a 50% chance of actually getting a little sleep.

Managing insomnia.

3 AM. Yesterday, too. I normally wake around 5:30 or 6:00 AM (without an alarm), but some things have occurred this week. The sucky part about waking earlier than normal (or deeper during the night) is the inner eye and voice are most critical at those hours. Today will be another exhausting day, unfortunately.

6:40. I’ve found it the best compromise between sleeping late and having to get ready for work.

I’ve had it all my life, and is such an obstacle in my life… Do you sleep easier in the cold? I notice December and January being the least worst months. In the last few years, I try to keep a routine. I turn my phone and electronics by 6pm, shower, and watch the same old show I see every single night (The Rifleman) - basically anything that is uneventful. Once I get double vision, I go to bed immediately before I’m “up” again… I also have a loud fan on to block all the noise outside (dogs barking, cars, etc).

Due to stupid post nasal drip I woke up coughing at 4:30. I propped my head up and slept until 7:30. Today is my work at home day, so I got to sleep an hour longer.

I spent (well-spent) $300 on a device called a Moona that is a radiator for your pillow. It’s an electronic device that works on the same basic principle as the radiator in your car. It had a pad with tubes like a radiator core, and a unit that sits bedside with a pump and fan, and maybe even a compressor-- I’m not really sure. You control it through your phone, although if the wifi is down, it has a “dumb” setting, where it can cool, it just can’t be set to a specific temperature.

With wifi, you can set it to a “going to sleep” temp, an “overnight” temp, and a “wake-up” temp.

My sleep improved a heck of a lot once I had this.

And yes, in general I do sleep better in the cold, so I pay a lot of money to keep the apartment cold in the summer. I also have a fan blowing on the bed. When I had a house, it had central air, but I had a small, inexpensive wall unit for the bedroom, because it was much cheaper to run the wall unit in the mid-summer, and keep the house in general warmer. My husband hated it, and slept on the futon in the living room for July and August. The boychik, on the other hand, who sweats like you wouldn’t believe when he sleeps, and who was still pretty little at the time, would sleep on a cot in my room.

I also have black-out blinds, and a weighted blanket. And a white noise machine. And regular meds, plus the PRNs.

6:46. My alarm is set for 7 but I often wake up shortly before.

I woke up at 6:34, a minute before my alarm set at 6:35, as I pretty much always do.

I always wake up before my alarm, even when I worked weird shifts that were constantly changing. My time as a fast food manager had me coming in at 5AM some days, and 4PM others. I remember once I got home and heard my alarm going off, and realized that I had set it for PM instead of AM that day. When I would go to bed, I would see how long I had to sleep, and that’s just how long I would sleep.

I do usually spend about 20 minutes stretching before I attempt to get out of bed, I can’t just leap out of bed like I could in my 20’s.

I used to have severe insomnia, but I learned some tricks to falling asleep. I used to just lay there, trying to clear my mind, and would usually just lay there until I passed out from exhaustion.

The best trick that I’ve learned is, rather than try to clear your mind, to concentrate on something intently. Something boring and mundane, but to focus all of your mental energies on it. The first one I did was a light bulb. I would picture a lightbulb, look at the way it curved around, the way the filament twisted and fit into the socket, even the history and progress of invention behind it. Just everything I could think of about this one singular object. Once all of my mental faculties were devoted to thinking about it, then I would stop thinking about it, and my mind would be clear, and I would fall asleep almost instantly.

I’ve moved on from lightbulbs, and have a wide array of things that I think about when I go to bed. Everything from physics to fantasy, world building, story telling. The important thing is that it is something that doesn’t relate to anything that is actually important, something actually going on in my life, as those are the things that keep spawning new processes, new tangential thoughts, that are hard to just forget about, to stop thinking about.

4:50. Alarm is set for 5:30 but I’m always up before then. I start waking up around 3:00 and nod off and on until 5:00 usually.

I turned off my e-reader at about 10:45; then woke up at 4:30 to pee and couldn’t go back to sleep. We had to get up a bit earlier than usual because the power company was going to interrupt power at 8:30 to install some cables in conjunction with a building being constructed next door. It came back on around 11:30, a half hour later than promised.

1:30AM, and 4:30AM, and 8:15AM.

Today 5:15 because I had an early start time to a boring but lucrative side job. On a normal work day I get up sometime between 11 and noon. I get home from work around 3am.