What Time Did You Wake Up Today?

My alarm was set for 4:20 but I woke up early. I’m on a dragon boat team and we train early four days a week before work. I didn’t get to sleep until 12 o’clock so I’m hating life today.

Change those to PM, and that’s me.

For better or worse, the landscapers at my complex don’t start until 9:30 or so. For me, this is almost worse because I can sleep through a lot of noise as long as I’m deep in REM, but the last hour or so before I wake I’m usually slowly coming out of sleep, and it’s both easier to wake and harder to fall back asleep. The garbage collectors slamming the bins around at 6 am are worse in some ways, but I can always drift back asleep afterward if they manage to wake me.

Can’t complain, really. I get 7-8 hrs sleep each night and can set my own hours at work. I’m a night owl.

I stopped wearing a Fitbit at night because of this. Normally I’m in bed around 10:15, and the alarm is set for 6:03. On Tuesday we had an appointment, so I got up at 4:43. Last night my husband had serious insomnia (relatively rare, fortunately), so sleep was not so much

My gf will have a bout of insomnia maybe once a month, but she’ll move to the guest bedroom, meaning I sleep extra well when she can’t.

I appreciate the way this thread started off with all the early birds, and the people of the night start showing up later. Very appropriate.

I am not one of nature’s morning people- today’s a day off, and I woke up at 9am, but didn’t bother getting out of bed for over an hour. For work I currently wake at 6.50am- normally waking just in time to turn the alarm off, followed by lying in bed for another 10 minutes wishing I could stay asleep another hour or so.

Left to my own devices, I tend towards a bed around 2am, waking up about 10am schedule, but it’s rare I get the chance.

Around 2:30 pm. Sleeping around 6am-2pm is perfect but sometimes I stay up a little later.

*roffleoffnpoffloffitz* Um… I can’t see the clock yet. I think I got up a little after 6:50.

0700 ← I slept in today

I had a big load of carbs yesterday and am all groggy.

Right around 7:30 when my dog started pacing around wanting to be fed. I have an alarm on my phone set for 8 and I don’t feed her til after it goes off. That’s the deal. So I was awake, but scrolled Facebook on my phone til it was feeding time.

My former roommate’s kid spent the night (for the first time since they moved) and I didn’t get to sleep til like 4 AM. We both went to bed around 10:30 and she was out pretty quickly, but I couldn’t sleep. She’s still sleeping, the dog’s been fed and out and has gone back to bed, and I’m showered/dressed/etc and… am doing this. It’s about 9:50 and she can sleep as long as she likes. It’s cloudy and rainy out, so it’s perfect sleeping-in weather.

When I wake up, I’m immediately alert, unless my blood sugar is very low. Or occasionally, when I wake out of a dream, and it takes a moment to register on me that it was a dream; but even then, I’m usually alert pretty quickly.

I don’t really like staying in bed once I’m awake. I remember liking it, when I was in my teens and 20s, but I haven’t felt that way in a long time.

Waking up with very low blood sugar is a weird experience, because I think what happens (although I don’t really know for sure, because it’s never happened during a sleep study) is that I come out of sleep into a different kind of unconsciousness, and then I make a choice to rouse myself out of it. I’m not sure how long it takes, but I frequently “come to” reciting facts about my life-- my birthday, where I was born, my husband’s name, and where we were married, our son’s name, my parents’ name, and when they died, my brother’s name and where he lives, my job, what kind of cars we have.

I think I do them in more or less the same order, so I get an idea of how “out” I was by how removed the facts are when I come to. If I’m just on my son and his birth, I wasn’t out long, but if I’m reciting classes I took in college, I’ve been going on a while.

Went to bed at 3am-ish. Set my alarm for 11. Woke up at 830. Tossed and turned and dozed then fell into a deep sleep around 1030.

Lights out at 1:30-something AM. Slept great till 6:30-something AM and felt my thigh muscles cramped up. Lied flat on my back and stretched them out and went to get back to sleep. Slept fitfully until about a quarter to nine AM, constantly wanting to stretch my legs and to make the cramps go away and being quite annoyed at why I just couldn’t fall back to sleep. Put my ear plugs in ( in case the assholes who mow lawns for hire show up nearby with their 400 decibel riders and leaf blowers ).

Slept wonderfully from 08:45 till 11:38 AM, during which I had some interesting and quite vivid dreams. In one of them my mind fabricated a great little heavy rock power-chord riff that I know I’ve never heard before. After I woke it I enjoyed still “hearing” it till the ear worm faded and now I can’t remember it for the life of me.