What time is it?


Right now, it’s 7:42 p.m. where I am.


4:55. Five minutes 'til quitting time!:slight_smile:

Time for you to buy a watch, Mister Man!


Time for me to stop posting in threads when I have nothing constructive to add.


About an hour past when I said I was going to shut down for the night and go to bed.

8:42am in my graphic design course

9am. Been at my desk since 7:45 & still haven’t started working. Damn SDMB…

It’s not 4:20 yet.
[sup]What??? That’s when I get home. I leave work at 4, and I’m home by 4:20. That’s what I meant.[/sup]

It’s 26 past midnight on Friday.

It’s Howdy-Doody Time