What time do you get on Straight Dope?

Its 7:34 Central time right now and the boards are being hellishly slow. I know the speed has do do with how many people are using the board at that time.

Me, I usually am on anywhere from about 4 in the afternoon to 9 on a regular day. Not the WHOLE time, mind you. But when I’m on, its usually in that time frame. On weekends, I’m on from midnight to whenever I decide that my eyelids will no longer stay open.

So what time do you usually get on the SDMB?

Looks like a poll to me. Off to IMHO.

I don’t have a regular schedule. But things seem to move faster in the evening & late at night (U.S. time).

It’s 3:14am and I just got here.

Me = insomnia
SDMB = better then stupid late night TV

That said, I also have 8 browser windows open and I’m surfing 4 different forums, slashdot, news.com, and downloading music from ampcast.com

anywhere from 6 AM ADT to 1:30 PM ADT, I open the SDMB. It closes when I leave work, from 4:30 PM ADT to 9:30 PM ADT.

mornings are always best for surfing.

I kind of figured I didnt put this in the right forum. oh well.

Who is on a schedule? I’m not, but do not count on me from about 3:00 A.M. (when I go to bed) until 8:00 A.M. (earliest I would get on). Rest of time just depends.

I’m a night owl. I’m usually on between 9pm and 1am. And I can testify that the board is s-l-o-w even in the wee hours.

around 10pm or so… for a couple hours. sometimes for a few min before noon also.


You mean you folks leave?