Best Time to Access SDMB

It’s Saturday afternoon at 4:45 PM EST
I’ve never seen SDMB servers respond so fast. Next best time here for me has been 6:00 AM.

Are there any other good times, say early Sunday AM when many folks sleep in?

Since this is about this message board, I’ll move this thread to ATMB.

moderator GQ

Bad times are weeknights around 8-10eastern. Suhloooooooow.

During the summer, several nights a week I’d stay on the boards from midnight until they close for maintenance at 4:30 am. From roughly 2:30 am til close, regardless of the day of the week, the boards (even doing searches) were incredibly fast… It was great…but now I’m in school again and have to read them at more orthodox hours. I’ve also found that right after the boards come back–in the early am, like you mentioned–is usually a good time, too.

The best time is now! And… now! … and now!

And NOW!!

But not now.

Worst time is around 4am Central time

Everything here times out for about an hour…maybe they are doing work on the site then?