What time zone do you live in?

Poll in progress.

You going to give us a link to find out what time zones those correspond to? Also, some time zones are off by 30 minutes or even 15 minutes from those.

You know what, I will make a new poll later. This one is a fail. request for moderator to lock this thread.

You also need to tell us whether to add in Daylight Saving Time: currently I’m on GMT+11, but in winter it’s GMT+10.

I reported the thread for you.

GMT+7. But I won’t vote in public polls.

Eastern Time (US) I believe that is GMT +5 when in standard time and +6 when in Daylight Savings Time.

No, it’s GMT-5 now, and GMT-4 in summer.

If the purpose is to judge the longitudinal spread of the board, then it’s probably best to ask for non-DST-adjusted zones?

Thailand never changes its clocks, so DST is not an issue for me.