time change

We ceased Daylight Savings Time a week ago so I changed my option here from GMT +11 to GMT +10 which is Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Today it appears as if GMT has been altered as the shown time for GMT+10 is actually an hour ahead of its reality. I do not believe GMT changes with the seasons.

Time offset:
All times are GMT +10 hours. The time now is 12:37 PM. Please select your time zone from the list:
. It was 11:37 AM.

No biggie, I just changed my time to GMT + 9 but it does seem a little shortsighted to have GMT time put forward with the USA change to DST given it is offset from the GMT, not PST or another USA time point. It also makes the city/country guide shown under each time slot meaningless. Is this a flaw in the software?

I go through this rigmarole every year around here, Thylacine. I’ve had to set my timezone out of kilter too – instead of Auckland-Wellington, it’s as if I’m now out on a trawler in the middle of the Tasman Sea (“Darn seagull! Gerroff me monitor, daft bird!”)

I hope there’s a solution. It’s getting a bit brisk out here. :slight_smile:

Watch out for the whales Wolfie, on second thought, given as I am now in Japan you may like to toss one my way :wink:

I cannot drag my eyes away from the All times are GMT +9 hours. The time now is… on the bottom of each page now. Got any liquid paper handy for my monitor? That will drive me completely batty before October rolls around.

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Thanks Wolfie, I had looked around and I had seen the FAQ on it but not the other threads. I didn’t find the FAQ really explained properly why we were stuck with the preposterous idea that GMT changes with the seasons.

The other threads you linked to answer my question though, software fault.

testing time stamp

But this is silly - GMT/UTC doesn’t change. Therefore the board shouldn’t need to change either.

I have readjusted my time stamp to show my correct local time (which is Daylight Savings, and is therefore GMT+1), but the board now says “all times are GMT”.

The timestamps are correct, but their definition is incorrect, since GMT is constant. The FAQs don’t explain this error, and I don’t find Arnold’s explanation convincing.

Arnold just explains what happens, not why it makes any sense. Because you’re right - it doesn’t. But whatcha gonna do?

Guess so. WAYGD indeed.