All times are GMT?

Hmmmm. I see the problem now. Your GMT clock is one hour fast. As far as I am aware GMT is not subject to Daylight Savings adjustments.

At the time of posting GMT should have read 11:03

Well NOW I’m confused!!

Before I posted the above, the blurb said:

“All times are GMT”

Now it says:

“All times are GMT - 6”

What’s… uh… the deal?


I get it. I can change the time offset in my user control panel. So now it’s set to Darwin time. ie GMT + 9.5

Problem still remains though, the resultant time is 1 hour fast.

I think the problem is that Australia didn’t have the daylight savings time changeover last weekend (or it had a different type of changeover, being in the southern hemisphere?). The UK did, and since the board uses GMT, your time is off.

Skogcat, the only time I find the time offset on Vbulletin (any version and no matter what messageboard) works properly is those very few days of the year when we have come off daylight saving and the US hasn’t started it or vice versa.

When we were on daylight saving, I had to manually set the offset to GMT +11 hours and now that we’re off daylight saving and the US has started it I’ve had to manually reset to GMT -9 hours (in fact GMT +10 is our standard time ATM). We’re never going to be able to rely on computerised adjustments because different states within the same time zones don’t have the same practises in respect of daylight saving. Guess we’re just going to have to get used to readjusting manually twice a year. :slight_smile:

BTW, you’re correct about UTC/GMT not being affected by daylight saving - I just checked the atomic clock and it’s stilll showing a 10 hour difference between UTC and EST.

Please see the technical issues FAQ on this subject.