Attn: SDMB Technical Staff - Day Light Saving Time and the Rest of the World

I’m guessing that the clock over there is operating on Day-light Saving Time because for several days now my clock on this page has been an hour ahead of our time here. I switched my clock option to Beijing time instead of Tokyo time, which is not really a big deal, but if there’s anybody to whom this kind of detail matters, there ya’ go

Yes, the clock uses GMT, and is therefore subject to daylight savings time changes as they occur in the UK - and basically a lot of other countries. It would appear that Japan is an exception to the rule.

But GMT doesn’t change, in Britain we are GMT +1 until the autumn now. :confused:

On top of that, the Board time didn’t even seem to follow the UK move to British Summer Time - the change was a week later on the board (I am assuming that’s when the US changed).

The board software is geared to GMT/UTC which is constant. The correct offset for BST is UTC +1 hour.

I suspect that the SDMB server is set to automatically adjust it’s offset from UTC when the US commences daylight saving time and as our timezones are then offset from the server time we end up an hour out (or two hours if you live somewhere which ends daylight saving as the US begins it).

What is UTC?

universal time something-or-other?

Reprise why should moving to DST change anything as the offsets are correct as long as all states do use DST eventually.

Please see the technical issues FAQ on this subject.

UTC = Universal Time Coordinated

And is identical to GMT and what is known as Zulu time

From the Common Time Zone Abbreviations page at

Well, if UTC is constant, and the SDMB follows UTC, why did the board time change?

The server time is set as an offset from UTC. The “board time” is always whatever time it is in Chicago. Chicago is now on daylight saving time, thus the change in “board time”.

Gotcha ya!

You’d think that with all the technological advancement then, that they’d figure out not to include city names with the times, cuase it’s just wrong…

delete key?

Only for locations that don’t have the same daylight savings time scheme as the board server. In any case, vBulletin developers have said they will consider improvements for Daylight Savings Time support in the next version.
Also, in their defense, I will have to add that I think this is a pretty good piece of software considering the very low price.