What to buy for PS3: Red Dead Redemption or Dragon Age

So folks, how about it: for my PS3 should I get Red Dead Redemption or Dragon Age? Which one is more fun? Which one lasts longer? Which has more replay value? Have at it, if you please.

Tough question.

I have to say I enjoyed both. I also got tired of both. They can be somewhat repetitive.

RDR is incredibly cinematic, but the controls are sometimes a bit sloppy, the game is weirdly buggy, and travel can be annoying. If you get tired of shooting people, you may run out of things to do. I put about 25 hours and was closing in on the ending when I decided to quit. It has a depressing plot, which didn’t help.

Dragon Age is very cool, but you probably should play a mage, and the mage builds are decidedly unequal. It’s fun, but the game gets awfully tedious: there were oh-so-many times I just said, “God, can’t I get through this without more nuisance combat.” Furthermore, the combat is really. Great game, but huge numbers of tedious nitpicks which bring things down, and the nature of the game means that you can completely roll over a super-powerful boss and his entire band of minions, and then be splattered by a small group of pissant enemies. Don’t get it unless you’re willing to invest a LOT of time.

Hard to say which I enjoyed more. Well, I know I enjoyed RDR more at peaks, but it also had more unpleasant bits. Both are extremely cinematic and have very good voice acting, and a powerful cast you’ll love and hate by turns. Dragon Age has Morrigan, who is like nails on chalkboard. One of the shallowest and least interesting characters across any of Bioware’s games.

Dragon age is your game. Those aren’t really comparable games, then again I’ve never played RDR so maybe you do get to free Shrek from his death sentence. Both games are 5 star games so you have to get both. Choosing the first should be based on personal preference: enchanted swords, freaky girlfriends, awesome story or spurs on your boots? If you came up playing RPGs, Dragon Age is a must. Get it before Dragon Age 2 comes out so you aren’t behind. Nothing beats being a Grey Warden, I’m gonna finish that game one day (no where close to the end, got bored with it)…

So, wheres your poll at?

Waiting on rockstar to get a clue and release RDR on PC. So I’ll recommend drdagon age. First play through took me about 80 hours, but I do everything in those types of RPGs. Jut could take you a lot less if you stick to the main missions. The game is a lot better on pc, but friends tell me, out of the consoles it’s best on ps3. No way you’ll finish it before da 2 comes out unless you marathon through it, but da2 will be waiting right after for you.

The game is a call back to the pc RPGs of old. Think baldurs gate. Features deep characters, an epic story, and a complex and intricate backdrop in the form of the dragon age universe. Also lots of loot, side quests, and lots of option for developing various relationships with your companions.

These are barely spoilers…

That’s not fair, she was my role-playing baby, I didn’t see nothing wrong with her, she suffered an isolated childhood. She didn’t like to talk and I enjoy a woman who shuts up :D… I can’t remember the very next girlfriend’s name but she irked the shit out of me, just goes on and on and on, so many values, so many morals, so many joddamn stories. I would love to hit that at camp but its just not worth it. Alistar was annoying as hell with his feminine ways. Shrek, well I didn’t even want to bring his lifeless ass but did it for progression. I quit playing at the big talking werewolf though. I gotta work on my tactics or something… I remember relying on Morrigans spells for every fight… Oh yeah, and the dog… He seems to outlive everyone else in a tough fight… The best character of all was the one who gets you to join the grey wardens…

Hmm, thanks folks, this is all good advice. I’m actually playing through Baldur’s Gate 2 for the first time now. Well, I kind of ran out of gas and had to quit but I still have my saves, I’m going to revisit the game sometime in the future. I think I just got to the Underdark.

Anyway, I’m kind of disappointed to hear that RDR can be finished in 25 hours, I love playing the hell out of a game. It actually took me 400 hours to finish Oblivion because I’m such a completist, I even triggered the Abomb glitch.

Oh yeah, how’s the dialogue in the games? I remember that in Baldur’s Gate it got kind of cheesy and cliched sometimes.

And I don’t really care about keeping up with the new stuff, I’m actually considering Dragon Age because I know the sequel is coming out and I’m hoping demand for #1 will drop. I keep myself behind the gaming curve so prices aren’t so high, I’m just finishing Fallout 3 for the first time right now. I’m almost but not quite a retrogamer. Well, I guess I’m just a cheapskate.

As for my thoughts, I was already leaning toward Dragon Age anyway, but I think I’ll probably go that way now. I’ll get RDR some other time, I only have room in my life for one obsession.

Haven’t played Dragon Age, but Red Dead offers a ton of replayability - I think I’ve probably gotten 80 hours at least of actual gameplay, and then there’s the hunting and skinning, and tying up folks and putting them on the tracks for acheivements. . . I’m not really a completist, but RDR kept me going for a while.

And it still seems to me to be some of the most entertaining multiplayer gaming on the PS3 - but that’s just me.

Plus, a sweet zombie expansion pack.

ETA: The dialog in RDR was pretty good - no hackneyed voice acting, all pretty top-notch with one whiny exception (folks who’ve played through to the end know who I mean).

FTR, Steam had the Dragons Age 2 demo yesterday. I haven’t played it yet tho.

Dragon Age 2 is a lot more streamlined than DA:O. In some cases it’s for the best, in others not so much.

So far the changes I like outnumber the changes I don’t like, so I pre-ordered.

Graphics on the PC are really good. It’s still a stylized game without a lot of detail, so it’s not Crysis, but the DX10 and DX11 effects are put to good use. The higher resolution textures also look great. And the Demo doesn’t even show everything. Almost all DX 11 settings are disabled.

I suppose it depends on what you want - Red Dead is a big sandbox game, and a very long game in the context of “any game that isn’t an RPG.” Dragon Age is an RPG, and so it is longer. Red Dead is a great game, though. If you enjoy multiplayer, it has massive replayability in a way that Dragon Age doesn’t (because DA doesn’t have any MP at all). Red Dead Redemption’s core gameplay is very similar to the Grand Theft Auto games (sandbox design, big world, shooting & movement, etc) but while it allows for freedom in how you progress through the story, you don’t have the customization or freedom that an RPG like Dragon Age provides.

Red Dead Redemption’s acting and design is incredible, and many parts of the story are incredibly moving (while other parts are wildly funny). I remember riding over a ridge and looking into the RDR version of Monument Valley and just having a “Holy Crap” moment.

If I had to pick one, Red Dead, hands down. It’s nothing against Dragon Age, which is a pretty solid game, but Red Dead is a helluva game. If you even like Western movies, even a tiny bit, you’ll love the game.

Does Dragon Age let you and 5 friends cram into a stagecoach and roam the land hootin’ and hollerin’ and performing old school drive bys with shotguns and six-shooters blazin’? It does not. Red Dead Redemption does. Read dead is the better game.

Seriously, they’re both good games but Red Dead Redemption is one of the best games I’ve ever played while I thought Dragon Age was a fun but forgettable RPG set in generic fantasy world #38947. You can’t really compare the gameplay as they’re totally different but I liked the story, the characters, and the atmosphere of Read Dead a lot more than Dragon Age.

Well, thanks a lot for muddying the waters. I kid, but dang if this doesn’t make my decision harder. I guess in the end I’ll go for whichever is cheaper at a given moment, which apparently is RDR. Time to hit up Ebay and see what’s what, the people on Craigslist seem to be reading each other’s ads and pricing their games accordingly.

A simplistic, but not inaccurate view; Dragon Age is Mass Effect in generic fantasy land, with dragons. No bad thing.

Red Dead Redemption is GTA with horses. Again, no bad thing.

Word - RDR is the most visually striking game I’ve ever played. I’m still impressed every time I pick it up again.

I played Dragon Age on the XBox, and while it’s a good game, it was originally meant for PCs, and the console port is kind of sloppy. Camera control is pretty bad, making a lot of the tactical battles difficult to fight. I don’t know that the PS3 version shares these problems, but I expect that it does.

Also, RDR can probably be finished in 25 hours, but that doesn’t mean that there’s only 25 hours of gameplay there. There’s tons of stuff to do in the game that doesn’t directly impact the main storyline, and could be safely skipped if you’re trying to do a “least time” playthrough.

Lastly, if multiplayer is of any interest to you, RDR has a pretty robust multiplayer component. I generally dislike most multiplayer features, but I actually got into RDR’s online play for a little while. Dragon Age does not feature any multiplayer.

Thanks, it’s always good to have more info. I’m thinking of waiting until Dragon Age 2 comes out to see if the price drops, waiting a week won’t kill me.

I personally preferred Dragon Age, but both are great games. If you do choose to get Dragon Age, get the full Ultimate Edition (http://www.amazon.com/Dragon-Age-Origins-Ultimate-Xbox-360/dp/B0045ZIENQ/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1298850793&sr=8-3)

That adds like 8 different DLC, including two that were included free via one-time codes in the original Dragon Age:Origins package (meaning that a new disk of the non-Ultimate edition has more content than a used copy). That is to say, you won’t save any money buying used unless you can buy the ultimate edition used.