Essential Playstation 3 Games?

Despite my last games console being a Sega Megadrive/Genesis I’ve decided to shell out on a Playstation 3 console (the 12GB version) mostly for Gran Turismo 5.

Apart from that I know nothing about the state of console gaming, so what other essential games are there for the system? Metal Gear Solid 4 is a must naturally… :wink:

Danke schon!

Believe it or not, there are no longer, in my opinion ANY games on ANY platform that are “essentially” for ALL gamers. Gaming is a much more diverse hobby than it was in the 16 bit era.

More information about what you enjoy in games, if not necessarily what games you enjoy, would be necessary before I’m prepared to really make any recommendations. Though I guess if you like Gran Turismo, you will either love or hate Crazy Taxi, which just got an HD re-release on XBLA/PSN.

You’re not asking about essential PS3 games so much as about essential console games that are available on the PS3, which is a slight difference.

Have you been gaming on a PC at all?

Well I like driving games, but only the more realistic ones, I find first-person shooters nearly unplayable with the control pad, not keen on sports games and its for myself so more adult games (not in the porn sense of the word) but leading onto below I’m really looking for games that aren’t available on PC.

I had a PC until the early 2000’s but stopped playing games as it was unable to play the newer games, flash-forward until 2010 when I finally bought a new PC…the advance in games is actually pretty jaw-dropping.

Currently playing Mass Effect 2 on PC and enjoying it immensely, what a rich, well-designed and plausible (if for story-purposes you accept that (a) aliens exist and (b) they’ll mostly be humanoid) universe.

But I digress…

In what sense ARE you using the term “adult” then? Very violent games? Games that address “mature themes”? or just “complicated games”?

Well, games an adult would enjoy, just clarifying I’m buying it for myself so there’s no need to recommend games more orientated towards children. Though I’m certainly not dismissing games that both could enjoy.

Holy crap - how does it take this long for anyone to recommend Uncharted?!

Portal is a friendly, fun game. The original Portal is on The Orange Box, and Portal 2 is a stand-alone game.

ETA: Actually, it’s on the PC, so nevermind, or get it for there, or something…

Portal 2 is available for the PS3, or so says the copy on the shelf across the room :slight_smile:

MEh. It’s not going to be me that’s going to do it.

And thanks for the clarification Disposable.

All that nonsense out of the way, I’m going to throw out some things that you should try. There’s demos for most of this stuff too, so try before you buy when possible:

Tokyo Jungle
Valkyria Chronicles

I tend to think of the PS3 as “the system you buy if you want uniquely Japanese games” - generally including JRPGs, but since you didn’t mention those particularly, I’m skipping those for the most part.

The God of War series is a PS3 exclusive and they’re all really good games in the beat 'em up category.

Grand Theft Auto IV was quite good. So were both Batman: Arkham Asylum/Arkham City. They’re all available on PC as well.

Thanks for the answers everyone!

It just came out, but since it’s the first game I’ve played on my PS3 in a long time, I’m going to vote for Ni No Kuni.

Dark Souls.

Always Dark Souls.

I bought Dark Souls… played it for a few hours and then returned it for a tradein with my tail between my legs.

I know, I have it. But the OP said “I’m really looking for games that aren’t available on PC”.

You should have persevered. Yes, it’s a hard game, but it seems everyone has that point where it “clicks” at some point and you get better.

Of course, you then get over confident, rush in to an area and die again, but that’s part of the fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides, no game I have ever played, other than Demon Souls by the same company, has made me fee as good as Dark Souls when I beat a boss/area. You honestly feel like you beat the boss because you are getting a lot better at the game. Sure, maybe you found a sword that does an extra 30% damage, but when the boss you’re fighting kills you in two hits, that doesn’t matter. You’ve just gotten better at seeing his tells, rolling out of the way, and timing your attacks.
Hell, there are people who beat the game at level 1 with pretty crappy equipment. It basically turns everything into a “one-hit kill” mode.

Compare this to something like Skyrim, where I mostly feel like I’m doing better because I got a better ax, or crafted better armor. The actual combat hasn’t changed for me, charge in, mash the left and right mouse buttons.
Edit: Oh, and I only now just noticed the “not available on PC” comment. Dark Souls IS available on PC, but it sucks. It’s really, REALLY meant for a controller. Though if you have a controller for the PC, then there you go…but also, the graphics “out of the box” are crummy on the PC, because they basically did a crummy port. They didn’t let PCs do what they do best, and run the game better because of the potential for better hardware. In addition, there’s one area in the game notorious for some bad frame rate issues and such, and that wasn’t even fixed for the PC port. I’ve read that there are some un-official, fan-made patches you can download to fix it, but you shouldn’t have to. Overall, it’s much better on PS3/360.

FROM Software admitted before they decided to port it that the reason it wasn’t on PC was because they had no idea how to develop on PC and nobody on the team ever had developed on PC. They decided to do it because everybody was absolutely begging for it and were put on a tight budget and time constraint by Bamco. So basically you had a bunch of developers with no prior experience trying to please their fans while being rushed.

Yeah, it’s objectively a crappy port, but the graphics and FPS mods were out on day 1 and the PC got the DLC a couple months earlier than everyone else. I know “they really, really tried” doesn’t excuse criticism, but, well, I’m willing to cut FROM some slack in this case because they basically did it to please their fans.

That said, yeah, if you do play it on PC make sure you get the mods and use a controller.

InFamous is a great game for PS3. InFamous 2 is nearly perfect. The rare sequel where they fix the major flaws in the first and improve everything else along the way.

Oh, if you have a way to rent it, I’d check out Heavy Rain. It’s not so much a game as it is an interactive movie, and it’s very short, but it’s also very well done. Give it a hit if you’ve got a way to avoid spending too much cash on it.