What to do: 1/2 cup of pineapple smush?

I made a cheese ball for a gathering we’re having with friends, but I didn’t make a very big one. I didn’t need all the pecans to coat, so the remainder went into the freezer. I only needed half of the red and green bell pepper, respectively, so I chopped up the rest and put it in the freezer, too. The pecans have a future as part of a Karo nut pie, and the peppers will make their way into a pot of chili, someday.

Now I am looking at this leftover wad of drained, crushed pineapple- approximately half a cup - and wondering what to do with it. I guess I could give it a burial at sea in the disposal, but that seems like a waste. Can you freeze pineapple, or as I suspect, will it turn to unappetizing goo?

What shall I do with this pineapple?

Have it with some ice cream. Yum.

You could just eat it. I’d probably do that.

If you have English muffins and deli ham, you could make little pizzas!

Mix it with cottage cheese for a light lunch.

Put in it some green jello.

Tossing it in a blender with some ice sounds good. Usually I don’t like pineapple drinks, but I’d have one of those now if I could.

Add to some plain yogurt.

Make a pina colada.
If you like pina coladas.

Cottage cheese or ice cream!


No, seriously. It’s good. And you could use up the bell peppers too.

Can’t put it in Jello 'cause it will never jell. Pineapple is funny that way. I think kiwi fruit has the same effect too.

The English muffin pizzas sound extra good though as does putting it on ice cream.

Ice cream. Mmmmmm!

Fresh pineapple has enzymes that won’t let it gel, but canned is supposed to be OK because the heat from canning deactivates the enzymes. Is what I’ve been told.

Heh. I’d mix it with some voka and some Midori, make a Pearl Harbor.

And getting caught in the rain.

I’m still staring at this small prep bowl of pineapple. I have no yogurt, ice cream, lime jello, coconut milk, Midori, tomatoes, or cottage cheese. Obviously I suck.

I wonder what cranberry juice, crushed pineapple, and vodka would taste like?

Sounds like a cure for something. Don’t know what though. Tell ya what. You try it and report back!

At first, *maybe *not so good. Keep adding vodka, however …

Put in enough vodka and it won’t even matter.

I believe, miss, that you have an obligation to find out and report back.

We’ll wait. :slight_smile:

Sort of like a Grey Breeze.


Okay, the following is going to sound flat out crazy. It was weird, but I totally brought that upon myself.
The pineapple was still in its little prep bowl, and kind of dry, as I had squeezed all the liquid out with cheese cloth when I was making the cheese ball. Bearing in mind Contrapuntal’s offered recipe for the Grey Breeze, I took the cranberry juice cocktail out of the fridge. Luck! It’s cranberry-lime juice cocktail. Now, I’m even closer to the recipe. I poured some in the bowl, and the pineapple smush immediately soaked it all up, and turned magenta, so I poured a little more. That got absorbed, too, so I gave up and added a couple of ounces of vodka. That rendered it vaguely the consistency of oatmeal, still magenta, and smelling like vodka.
I got some ice out of the freezer, looked at the blender, and then fixed myself a diet soda, and proceeded to eat the goo with a spoon directly from the prep bowl. Mainly because I don’t feel like washing the blender.

It’s surprisingly tasty, Campion.

Add the pineapple, butter, and some of your favorite preserves and/or maple syrup to a saucepan. Heat and simmer. Make banana pancakes by adding sliced bananas to your batter. Serve your warm pineapple crush over the pancakes with a sprinkling of shredded coconut.

Something like that. Canned pineapple works fine, anyway. I did it two days ago. Yum.