What to do about eBay dispute

I sold this camera.

customer has opened an eBay dispute.


Why would he expect that a card would be included?

  1. advert does not say charger is missing. Charger was included, and listed in the description.

  2. advert lists included items. No card was listed.

  3. advert specifically states "No other accessories included. "

I wrote back pointing out the above, and suggested that maybe he had confused my advert with a different one.

Again, WTF:confused:

even bought new, this camera would not include a memory card. As I told the customer.

So, folks, advice please.

Do you think my advert was misleading? Was there any reason for the customer to assume that he would get a memory card?

How should I handle this dispute?
Have I got any chance of winning? eBay seems to automatically side with the customer, no matter how ridiculous the claim.

I’ve been on the losing end of a couple of disputes before. In those the customer returned the item for a full refund, and I just had to swallow the postage cost. This one is different. The customer wants to keep the item, and get a partial refund. And he is claiming that he will have to spend £20 to get a card.

How is eBay going to respond to this? Have I got any chance of winning? If I lose, will eBay take £20 off the purchase price?

Any advice on how I should handle this matter?

When I buy a new camera usually a memory card is included, but its usually so small as to be useless other than to check the camera is working, eg a 32mb card. A 20 pound card would not normally be included.

If you specifically listed all the components included, I cant see their case. I could see you losing this one because as you say ebay seems to favour the customer, but only because of that. One option might be to offer to supply the kind of card above if you have one, which will be useless to them but remove any argument for a larger discount.

Edit: Alternatively I would offer them a full refund for full return, on principle if nothing else.


Your listing clearly states what is and what is not included in the item. It’s ridiculous to dispute the listed items - not to mention the fact you included something this person thought was missing, they clearly didn’t read it very carefully.

I would generally expect a card too, but the user manual for the camera:

states on pg 20 that an SD card is “available separately.”

I wouldn’t expect a memory card. But I’d find a used one, put in an envelope, and mail it to them.

The smallest one you can find.

A £20 memory card? I just did a Google product search - memory cards do not cost nearly that. If you want a £20 memory card, you’re looking at a 32 GB SDHC Flash Memory Card, for about £21. You can get a 2GB card for £2. What the hell was he expecting?

However, you’re out of luck. In my experience (anecdotal, admittedly) eBay/PayPal never side with the seller unless it’s a disputed-arrival/proof-of-postage situation. He’s got you by the balls, I’m afraid. That’s eBay.

Check his feedback (hang on, I think eBay now don’t even allow sellers to post negative feedback? When did that happen?)

Sorry man; you’re screwed.

Peter sounds completely in the right here.

I’d be interested in an update on what the Ebay Lords decide.

I think you’re in the right. I also think that it’s become something of a problem with some buyers who threaten sellers by withholding feedback until they get a partial refund. It’s the reason I know include “Sorry - no partial refunds!” in my auctions. It’s a scam, generally.

I would stop arguing about the the memory card, and tell them you’ll give them a full refund, plus return shipping, upon return of the original item in its original state. You’ll have to eat the postage cost, but it’s well worth the headache of a pissing match with the buyer via eBay. You’ll lose, unfortunately.

Send to both eBay and the buyer a copy of this page, which shows that it did not come with a memory card when sold.

I would hope not. That would significantly reduce the portability of the camera.

What? Oh, btw, OP is correct. Send Ebay and the customer a scanned PDF from the owner’s manual that no SD card is included with the camera from the factory. Sorry, pal, we don’t include extra stuff.

No and No. Crystal clear. I’m interested in seeing the outcome.

However, then there’s no loss if the customer send it back to you for a refund, they paying shipping both ways.

No, I would have to refund the money they paid me, including the shipping cost. Plus it’s cost me my time and trouble.

The listing is very clear on what’s included. The buyer is at fault for not closely reading the description. Claiming that a card is usually included isn’t good enough when it’s a used item, it’s up to the buyer to read the description and ask questions before the auction.

I’d tell the buyer that this is considered feedback extortion, and that I am considering opening a dispute of my own. The package is clearly listed, and there’s no mention of a memory card. And since it’s a used item, it’s not really relevant as to how new items are sold.

I realize eBay typically sides with the customer, but this seems cut and dried:

  • Item delivered was exactly as listed
  • Buyer has cited no evidence to the contrary, and thus effectively admits this
  • Buyer’s dispute is based on not receiving a hoped-for accessory that was quite clearly not part of the listing

Make sure to include a photo of your arse on it.

Concur with the others above. If the original boxed spec for the camera included a card (and especially if this was listed visibly on the box or something), then the buyer might have an argument.

But there was no card with the camera when it was new, so it’s not reasonable to describe it as ‘missing’. OP is in the right.

Sadly, however, eBay may not see sense on the matter, because they’re OCD about what they think the buyer wants, to the detriment of everything else.

To me, it seems like a scam.

I would send a message to both Ebay and the buyer that includes as many links as you can find to online retailers that sell that model camera showing that it doesn’t come with the memory card. The only time I’ve seen one come with a camera is a tiny worthless card like others have mentioned, or in a package type deal from Costco.