What to do at a Dopefest....

Well, finally it looks like my much vaunted plans for a Sacramento Dopefest may be coming together.

We’re looking at all getting together at a place that has food and drink.

What else happens? I know there are a lot of folks that have been to Dopefests, and Minidopefests, etc…

So what do you guys do? What happens?
After you’ve eaten and drank, what’s the next step?

This is going to be more of a mini-dope, if that helps at all. Looks like we’re going to have anywhere from 3-6 people.

Open to suggestions!

The Sacrifice is usually entertaining. And the Fertility Rituals are fun.

Beer. Grub. Beer.


Brekkie if you dare.

Beer. Grub. Beer.

Chat with everyone you can in between each segment above.

Rather simple really :smiley:

Shhhh! We don’t discuss those publically!:wink:

I only went to one, I wandered around trying to meet people but couldn’t hear them (or myself) over the noise (jokingly called “music”), and the smoke was killing me, so I left after a very short stay.

Dex makes a good point. Venues with live music can work, if there’s a patio or some such where peoplle can adjourn to talk. And the smokers and the non-smokers can live together.

We’ve had a few where we met for dinner at one conversation friendly place for dinner, and then went on to a club with music and outdoor areas. After all, the purpose of most Dopefests is not to go see such and such band, but rather to meet and talk to fellow board members.

There are, of course, all kinds of other 'fests that can be done. I’ve been through museums with Dopers, done scenic drives, etc.
We’ve recently discussed a barbecue, something I know has been done by other 'festers.

You’ve realized the primary requirement just by getting the folks together.

Have fun!

As the Self-Appointed Unofficial Chair of the New York City Dopefest Disorganizing Committee, I think I can speak with some authority on this issue. Perhaps using examples from January’s New York Megadopefest Weekend I can demonstrate the range of activities that can go on at a dopefest.

Thursday: Meet at a Korean restaurant, eat, drink, chat and hang out, then go to a piano bar, drink, chat and hang out.

Friday: Meet at a bar, drink, chat and hang out, then go to a dance club, drink, chat and hang out.

Saturday we had two simultaneous activities going on during the day: (1) Meet for Dim Sum in Chinatown, eat, drink, chat and hang out, and then tour the art of the subways, chat and hang out; and (2) meet for brunch at a diner, eat, drink, chat and hang out, and then go to the Museum of Natural History, chat and hang out.

Saturday night was the main Dopefest dinner: Meet at a restaurant, eat, drink, chat and hang out, and then move to a bar, drink, chat and hang out.

Sunday morning: Come to my apartment for brunch, eat, drink, chat and hang out.

I’m sure that with this wide range of examples, you’ll be able to find a combination that works. Good luck.

May I suggest Mongolian BBQ in Citrus Heights.

Good all you can eat, do it yourself stirfry kinda thing. They have a table area tha could probably be arranged to our needs.

I’ve been to 2 Dopefests and I doubt I’ll go to another. There were very nice people, and good food and drink, but the venues chosen are SO NOISY!

FWIW, I suggest finding a place where you can hold a conversation without shouting.

This is why I have Dopefests at my house. Of course, it helps that many people have already met me, so they come under the (mistaken) assumption that I am a semi-normal person. And I also trust that no one who shows up will turn out to be a arson-happy psycho. I also tend to keep my home Dopefests sort of light on the drinking, to keep everyone’s best face on. Potlucks are great; it means the host doesn’t have to spend all day in the kitchen cooking for a crowd.

We Michiganders have also really enjoyed going to ethnic restaurants. Trying new foods helps to break the ice. If you do go to a place where you sit down, I strongly suggests doing a table shake-up partway through the evening, so Dopers get to meet more and different people and aren’t restricted to the end of the table where they first sat down.

As for the Mongolian BBQ idea–I love our local one foodwise, but it is just about the noisiest damn restaurant in town. You may want to scope that puppy out before settling on it.

Well, shit, Tristan, I thought you said we were going to Centerfolds.

Seriously though, there’s Chevy’s on the River, Cafe Bernardo/ Monkey Bar, Centros, Huki Lau, Paesanos…