What to do in New Orleans?

My Arena Football team has made it to the bowl game and I am going down to see them win it. The game is Friday night. I’m flying down Wednesday and returning Sunday. I need suggestions on what to see.

I’m not a big drinker and can’t eat large quantities of food because of surgery. I do like to sing at karaoke and would like to do that. Gambling is fun if the tables have low limits.

There’s a Harrah’s Casino. They have a lot of slots, I don’t remember what other games. Never saw any karaoke there, it’s kind of a freestyle music town, but you don’t have to go anywhere in particular, the singing and music out on the streets every night. But if can’t eat large quantities of food, then there isn’t any place for you to eat in Nawlin. The smallest dish you can get has about 10,000 calories. The average meal has 12 times that amount of food. The reason the city is below sea level is that people weigh so much as a result of the way they eat.

Have breakfast at Cafe Du Monde. Order beignets (eat only one if you wish) and chicory coffee.

There is a nice aquarium right there by the French quarter which is surprisingly entertaining, especially if you buy a spiked slushie at the IMAX theater. You might not want to drink much of it, but buying alcoholic beverages at a children’s science museum is fun.

You’ll want to spend a morning walking around the residential areas near the quarter, peering into the beautiful formal courtyards.

You can also ride a streetcar to the garden district and back for almost no money. Many beautiful houses to be seen, cheaper than a tour.

Your hotel can set you up with a hoverboat swamp tour. I didn’t do one when I was there but I hear they’re a blast.

Bravo! :smiley:

Be very careful if you go to the casino. It is located next to a high crime area. If you like zoos, Audubon Zoo is a nice one.

Thanks for these ideas. I don’t know if my father will be able to do a morning walk but I am going to try,

if I go to the Casino I’ll take a Taxi since I’m not renting a car.

Here’s a note about karaoke in NOLA from last summer.

Depending on where you are staying – the Charles St. Line streetcar as mentioned takes you through a very good informal tour of town, through the Garden District and to the Audubon Park/Zoo and Loyola campus. Then there’s the Canal St. Line which has two different ends: the historic cemeteries, which are an interesting exploration, and the Art Museum/City Park (it does pass you through ordinary bleh urbanscape before you get there, though). One can take a steamboat ride or, for the truly cheapo version of sailing the Mississippi, ride the Algiers Point ferry there and back - free for pedestrians, at the end of Canal near the Aquarium, 2 blocks from Harrah’s Casino.

As mentioned before a walking tour of the architecture is something to check out, but there’s also the WW2 Museum downtown, quite the place for history buffs. Royal St. in the daytime is a place for street performers and antiques. One important thing if doing any walking, though: check the weather report. A hot summer day in NOLA will make you feel the pain of a boiled crawfish, it’s a steambath.

As TriPolar mentioned, good luck with the food… Jeebus, that’s one heavy-eatin’ town!

I’m staying at the Sheraton on Canal Street .

I have to say that is one of the nicest “tourist traps” I’ve ever been to. Just be aware that lines can be incredibly long to get in later in the morning, so go early.

That’s two and a half blocks from the north door of Harrah’s Casino, or four and a half from the Aquarium and Ferry, heading down Canal; two blocks from the St. Charles St. Line stop heading up Canal; and within a block of a stop on the Canal St. Lines. WW2 Museum is 9 blocks S of there on Magazine St., can take the St. Charles line to Lee Circle.

7 blocks/half mile NE from the Sheraton; though there are branch locations the experience really calls for the original locale. Or else make it halfway there to competitor Cafe Beignet on Royal St.

I’ve heard there are places to go there to hear music. Preservation Hall comes to mind. Is there still a Tipitina’s?

Thanks for the input everyone. I know one night I’m going to go for karaoke to cat something.

Learn to swim.

Afraid of being wooshed here but I already know how to swim