What to do when you get skipped in the lunch queue?

Hungry, waiting, stepped out of the line to get crisps, was skipped, angry, so angry (bad day).

So did I forfeit my place by getting the crisps? What would your reaction be in a similar situation?

Say to the person behind you: “I forgot to get {item}, could you please save my space while I go get it?” I’ve never had that tactic fail, even here in Norway where “queue manners” are something of a foreign concept.

Oh, and of course, try to remember this so that you can get what you need and come back before you get to the front of the line!


Seems to me that if you leave the line, you no longer have a place in line. Unless you make arraingements with the others waiting.

Foul the air.

I need to use that. “Angry, so angry.” Love it!

FWIW, Meta-Gumble, you did technically forfeit your right to your spot in line…unless you made prevous arrangements with whoever was behind you, as Debaser said.

But I feel your pain anyway. I’ve had those days.

I had a situation the other day.

Going to the fridge to get a bottle of coke meant leaving my place in the queue.

In Britain/Isle of Man people are very polite and would gladly let me back in the queue IF and this is a big if - they paid any attention whatsoever to goings-on outside their head.

I have notliced lately that no-one NO-ONE notices anything or pays attention to what’s going on anymore. If I were to leave the queue, chances are the person behind me was never aware that a) I left of b) that I was ever there. So to them, me asking to get back in the queue would seem like I came in off the street and tried to jump the queue.

You could try offering the person who was behind you in line a bag of chips/crisps for the trouble of holding your spot. Chances are he’ll refuse and save your spot anyway since you were so kind as to offer. Or maybe he’ll take you up on it, and you spend a few cents on this gift. You’ll feel generous and you won’t have to go back to the end of the line.

lol! I think i’ve learned my lesson about queues. I’m fairly certain i’ll forget it again though…

Lobsang - you’ve hit the nail right on the head i’m sure. In this fast paced global society everyone is running at full tilt and only looking as far as their nose.

If only people would slow down a bit.

Yeah, if the OPer would have slowed down a bit from the start, he never would have forgottent the crisps in the first place. To the back of the queue I say!


Whoops, for some reason I’m reading everything wrong today.

“Move your base, lose your place”

To the back of the line you go.

If someone blatently skips the line, that’s when threats come in.