What to do with a pile of concord grapes?

A pal had unloaded onto us a pile of farm-style concord grapes-- the kind with seeds, and starting to go south. What should we do with these? (the one fruit that you don’t make pie with!) I’ve never done jelly. . . can you make juice with these? Any pastry options?

I grow some here and I mostly just eat them right off of the vine. Juicing them isn’t hard at all if you have a decent juicer but I’ve never tried to do it any other way. Making jelly isn’t all that hard either (supposedly) but I always make a mess and never seem to seal the jars well enough. Once it’s jelly you can use it in any recipe that calls for jam or jelly.

Juicers can be expensive but around here there are places where you can rent one for a day or 2.

1.) You can eat them as-is.

2.) You can make pies and tarts. I make at least one Grape Pie from Concord Grapes every year.
3.) You can make wine. My father did this for a number of years. It needn’t taste like Manischevitz, either, if you do it right.
4.) You can make juice, jam, and jelly. I haven’t done this, so you’re on your own.

5.) You can give some to friends – don’t cost nothin’

My first thought is jelly! Jelly isn’t that hard. There are lots of recipes online.

I grow 'em and juice them. This year I had a bad harvest so you could send them to me.

I don’t do any fancy juicer. I clean and remove any stems, put them in a big soup pot and then put my hand in a big heavy glass and mash them. Next I use a colander to remove most of the pulp and lastly cheesecloth to remove any smaller particulates.
Add sugar and water to taste and boil the whole mess (it’s already in the pot) to make sure the sugar is dissolved. Doesn’t have to be a hard boil.

Ah, thanks for all of the ideas. Since I’m a pie freak I’m giving that a shot–had never heard of such a thing but they’re allegedly good. I’ll report in later with the verdict.

Since you mention them going south, I wouldn’t make wine- even if you stop the decay with sulfites the wine will have an unpleasant taste.
Grape pies are wonderful, and as in jelly making, the cooking will stop the spoilage.
You could also make fruit leather.