What to do with all this jasmine rice?

I got a great deal on 4 bags of rice at Big Lots, only noticing it was jasmine rice when I got home. I know it’s good with Thai food, and I like it plain. Is there anything fairly easy I can whip up to put over it? Stir fry? Curry? Rice Pudding?

Yeah, all that. It’ll be divine with any type of curry or stir-fry.

You can use jasmine rice with most kinds of South Asian, Southeast Asian and Chinese food. It will produce acceptable (though inauthentic) results with most Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines too.

Just use it in any way you’d use regular rice.

My mom would use hamburger helper, wasn’t too bad.

But, I would also recommend chazuke with fish, fried eggs, fish eggs, ume, etc. It’s better with regular white rice, but it may help break the monotony of what is essentially donburi.