what to do with gameshow idea?

i have an idea for a gameshow. i am curious as to how to get it to the attention of any tv networks.
is the usual procedure to go to the various networks and tell them about the idea in the hope that (wont laugh you out of their office) they would fund a pilot. or does it generally work that a person will film a pilot by their own funds/sponsorship and show that to a network.
another way ive thought of, would be to film a pilot and promote it on the internet to see if there was any interest there and if there was then use this as a further ammo when going to a network
if the latter, how do you go about finding sponsorship?
i understand its probably not as easy as either of those 2 things. and to be honest the chances are that i wont do anything with it anyway
anyone care to offer advice?

Not sure if this applies directly, but I know that if you are submitting scripts or script ideas for a TV series, it will be returned unopened unless it is submitted through a recognized agent.

Studios and networks do not want to expose themselves even remotely to charges of “you stole the idea I sent you.”

If you’re serious about this, probably your best bet is to write up a detailed description of the premise from your show, then find a literary agent to represent you in submitting it to the networks/game show producers.

Good luck.