What to do with over 1/2 gal of canned tomato sauce

So I cashed in a bunch of Safeway Monopoly coupons and found myself with nine free 8-ounce cans of tomato sauce.

To add another wrinkle, my stove is on the fritz so I currently have access to a micorwave, an oven, a combination crockpot/roaster, a George Foreman Grill, and a relatively weak hot plate.

I guess I could make a big batch of pasta sauce, but I don’t think the hot plate is up to boiling a big pot of water for spaghetti. Also I prefer to use more chunky tomatoes when I make sauce.

Anyone have any other ideas?

Pizza sauce. Lots and lots of pizza sauce.

Do you have access to a bathtub and some type of human companion?

I make ‘Zoop’ in my crock pot. It’s a beef stew with tomato sauce added. If you use stew meat it is more tender slow cooked. Add a bay leaf. Yummy good.
You can make a kind of Salisbury steak in a crock pot. Minute steak onions bell pepper and tomato sauce.
I have never done it but, I hear you can cook pasta in a crock pot.

Why do you have to use it all at once? It’s canned, it will keep for awhile.

That’s what I was thinking. But I learned the hard way that for a while is not the same as forever. I had a can of tomato paste where the can eventually seemed to corrode from the inside.

I don’t have to use it up all at once, but since its taking up room in my pantry if I can use a lot of it that will be good.

Sounds really good! Can you give me some hints as to the ingredients/ratios in your Zoop?

I’d wager what you saw was oxidation, due to a small leak. It makes the tomato sauce turn blackish and corroded-appearing.

But if the cans are properly sealed, that should not occur for a looong time, in my experience.

Of course in my household, we’d go through 9 eight oz. cans of tomato sauce in less than 30 days, given all the stews, chowders, soups and sauces we make here for our regular meals.

1 lb. Stew beef or lamb
1 yellow onion chunked up
2 potatoes chunked up
2 carrots sliced or baby carrots
1 celery stalk chunked up
1 envelope onion soup mix ( knorr brand)
1 can tomato sauce
1 can of water
Salt Pepper Garlic powder 1 bay leaf.

I brown the meat slightly, you don’t have to though.
Add everything to crock pot.
Cook on low for 5 to 6 hrs
Add water if necessary as it cooks.
That’s all it is. Easy peasy.

I was going to say.

We buy tomato sauce by the case around here.

You could taunt skunks, knowing you have the remedy for being sprayed.

Too bad it doesn’t work, or hardly works. There are things that work a lot better.

I may try this, and I like your “chunked up” instruction. I predict that I will add powdered red pepper.

Yes, a little heat would be good in it.

Why not just make some freezer meals? Meatballs and sauce, stuffed cabbage casserole, pasta bakes, or just freeze some of the sauce. I pretty much will freeze anything.