What to wear to a wedding

Dammit - I can’t see the dress! All I get is a stupid “International Shopping” page. I’m not buying it, idiot website - I just want to look at it!

I would advise against black, too; it has too many associations with funerals, and a wedding in May in Texas sounds too hot for black. I’d go with a nice, spring-y colour for a spring wedding. White is also out (for obvious reasons), and so is a really fancy, flashy dress - trying to upstage the bride is never cool at a wedding.

I would wear something like thisto a wedding. (Scarlet isn’t too much for a wedding, is it? If it is, I’d go with something like this, a more muted purple.)

That muted purple? To DIE for. WANT.

I agree white is stricty verboten, unless you’ve been given specific instructions to the contrary. My brother had a black & white wedding; our mother wore a black dress, the bride’s mother wore a white dress. Yes, I thought that (ie anyone other than than the bride, or perhaps a flower girl) was odd at the time. A few other women (though oddly none of the bridesmaids) were wearing white too. Personally I don’t have a problem with black as long as it’s at an evening wedding or reception. In the daytime it just looks weird. No issues with red either, but I’d advice against wearing an all red dress if the bride or groom are Asian.

I’m not a fan of black for weddings, personally, but then I freely admit to being desperately old fashioned.

These dresses give coverage with colour at a similar price.




monochromatic graphic print



blue or purple


Don’t get me wrong, that black dress is beautiful, but it doesn’t say “wedding guest” to me.

Those are all nice choices - I really like the blue one.

You could also go with a nice skirt set instead of a dress. At least IMO, that’s what I have picked out for my cousin’s wedding in a months time. A coral linen skirt, a cardi to go with and a light cream top with a cool drapy neckline like the style seems to be now (see Pippa’s dress from the wedding in Britain last week).

I did try on something like that blue dress, but the zipper wasn’t hidden AND was a completely different shade of blue from the rest of the dress. The lady helping me tried to tell me that’s the style now and I told her I don’t care, I don’t dress for style and being a sewer (even if I’m not up to making my own dress to wear somewhere) it offends my sensibilities.

Lots of nice examples floating around though I can’t see them too well on my phone.

Heh - I said something almost word for word to my husband the other day, when we saw a dress with unfinished edges. That’s just wrong! :smiley:

Sewer… :facepalm: I should have said seamstress but I don’t consider myself that proficient!

Yes that drives me nuts too. Unfinished hems, those stupid inside out seams (even though that sweater is a fave for comfort I shudder every time I put it on and triple check it’s on right side out)… They just scream either stupid or lazy on the part of the designer/seamstress.

I ended up making my own top, because I couldn’t find what I liked to go with the skirt.

Back to your regularly scheduled thread…

It’s inside at Arlington Hall. I hope it’s air-conditioned!

Thank you for all your help. I am having a great time looking at the other dresses. I love the fit of my black dress, but I’m not a black dress at a wedding type of person, so I think I may just pick one of the others! Unfortunately I don’t live near any nice stores, so this is all online shopping. You have all been so helpful.