What topic has never even been mentioned on SDMB?

To the best of your knowledge, that is.

Any correct answer will instantly become incorrect. :smiley:

It’s Russell’s paradox all over again! :eek:

Just don’t start a discussion about who shaves the barber.

Yeah, though, but aside from that consideration is there something you personally have thought of posting about – either as a thread topic or in a response post – that, as far as you know has just never come up before?

Reason I ask is that I am constantly amazed at how many fresh ideas there are here. Things I never even considered.

ATMB: What is the third-most common puncutation mark used in SDMB threads?

GQ: what was the name of the first wife of Tiramakhan Traore ?

GD: How would the Mali empire have been different if, instead of Mansa Ouali, Manding Bory had succeeded to Mari Djata?

Cafe Society: What is your favorite poem by Jurgis Baltrušaitis ?

The Game Room: Does the US have any chance of beating Thailand in the Sepaktakraw World Championship?

IMHO: Which useless human organ tastes better when poached in a creamy white wine sauce: the tonsil or the appendix?

MPSIMS: My pet binturong Fluffy had her babies! Pictures here. (AWWWWW)

BBQ Pit: Remember that Nabataean guide named Syllaeus, who deceived the Roman army led by Aelius Gallus and caused most of the Romans to die in the desert? (expletive) him with a rusty (choose gardening tool).

I’ve never seen a thread about land planarians.

No one has shown any interest in discussing my pubes, much to my surprise.

Oddly, there has never been a comprehensive discussion here about bewildering contradictions in the pathology literature.

For instance, the entity known as benign metastasizing leiomyoma.

How can a benign tumor metastasize and still be benign? Mind-boggling, I tell you.

Aardvark testes in space.

What is the absolute longest time you can leave a rubber band on your scrotum without your testicles falling off?

The historical consequences of the death of Vice President William Rufus de Vane King in 1853 remain unexplored by this Board.

Ah, you must have missed that one because it was moved to Cafe Society.

Optimizing feedstock parameters for high solids anaerobic digestion of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste for the production of biogas. (Previously known to my children as “Mommy’s counting bug farts.”) Not that I’ve ever thought of posting about it.

Mysterious: a Yahoo! search yields over 10 pages of hits. You should bring that topic to the masses. Now!

My motorcycle safety training instructor emphasized repeatedly that
“The only way to know your maximum speed handling ability is to exceed it, then subtract by one – if you’re alive to do so.” :smack:

I’ll leave the analogous thinking to the rest of you.


I just indexed a book on this topic. Go figure. (Well, not on feedstock parameters specifically, but on the larger topic of oil crop biorefineries.)

So that’s where it went to! :wink:

Pigeon lips

Is the universe actually in free-fall, and will eventually hit bottom?

Helicopters on merry-go-rounds.

Are there deities that don’t believe in mortals?

In second edition Dungeons & Dragons there was a priest spell Solopsism. It allowed the caster to treat something as if it didn’t really exist. The spell description ended with 'Some sages say there is a deity of solopsism. If there is he would not answer prayers or grant spells because he would not believe his followers exist."