What town was I looking at from the airplane?

What town was I looking at from the airplane?

I saw a pretty cool looking town or city from the airplane and I have no idea what it was. Here is what I saw:

• I was flying from MSP to ORD (Minneapolis to Chicago)
• I saw the town during the part of the flight with electronics on, drinks served, and tray tables down
• The town was located between two lakes on a land bridge
• The land bridge ran from the south to the north (assuming we were flying due east)
• There appeared to be an interstate highway running just south of the town, running east to west
• The town appeared to be about 4-6 blocks wide (between the two lakes) and about twice as tall (along the land bridge) and built up from either shore of the lakes
• In the middle of the town and the land bridge was what appeared to be a nice looking civic building, either a city hall or state capital or something of that nature. I couldn’t quite tell, but it looked like the streets may have run on the diagonal
• Finally, surrounding the city was mainly agricultural land

I am very curious. If you have any other or clarifying questions, I will respond. I am looking at satellite maps to try to find it. I would know it if I saw it again.

Sounds like Madison, Wisconsin.

A city hall?

Mystery solved, looks like! A closer view:

That’s it! Great job, based on my (mostly accurate) clues. Looks like it runs more SW to NE, and I don’t see what I thought was an interstate, but that is definitely it. Looked like a pretty nice town from the air…

Reading the OP, I thought immediately, “Madison, Wisconsin”. It’s a pretty cool place, I gather. (I’ve only been through it.)

[sub]Curse this metal body for being too late.[/sub]

Yeah, politically sort of like Berkeley or Boston, transplanted into the heartland. I’m there about 5 or 6 times a year on business, and hang out on State street after work with an old friend, if I’m able.

There is an interstate that runs north-south on the east side of town: 90/94. The divided highway continues the loop around the southside of town (although it doesn’t have an interstate number), forming a section of what is known as the beltline highway.

It is.