What TV show has the best theme music?

I don’t mean theme song, I mean music. Although I suppose we can count actual “songs” too. It’s just that my two favorites aren’t songs, just music:
Doctor Who
Angel (Has a cello ever been used in TV theme music before?)

Andy Grifith and Buffy the Vampire Slayer have pretty cool tunes too.

If I had to pick an actual song, I’d go with the one from Cheers or Highlander the series.

“Hawaii Five-O” & “Mission: Impossible”

Buffy (as stated above by Lizard)

This Hour Has 22 Minutes (Canadian news parody)

I also really like the theme song from Red Dwarf.

Angel (w/o lyrics) and Malcolm in the Middle (w/lyrics)

Chalk up another vote for Hawaii Five-O…

Anyone remember the music to The Prisoner?

Egad!..How could you forget the theme to Twin Peaks…shame on you!

fat albert.

Sanford and Son’s right up there, too.

Sanford and Son, and Law & Order


Crap. Wasted my eleventy-first post on that 4-letter post.

King Of The Hill

Whatever was on last night (I wasn’t watching) – a show about forensics, tracking bad guys – and the song was Who’s classic “Who Are You?”. Appropriate, if nothing else.

Battlestar Galactica. Best thing in the whole show.

I get to the first to say Peter Gunn!

My faves, in no particular order:
Doctor Who
Law And Order
Hill Street Blues

no contest… what so ever
The A-Team

I kinda like 7th Heaven’s acoustic riffs between scenes.