What TV shows have only had a few seasons, but not their entire runs, on DVD?

Kind of related to the other thread I did about what shows haven’t been released on DVD.
What are some shows that have had a few of their seasons released but not their entire run.
“Night Court,” I know had its first season released in 2005, but according to Wikipedia, didn’t get it’s second season released until this year.
Let’s keep this to shows where it seems like years have passed in between the DVD releases. There are still many shows, like the Simpsons, whose entire runs may not yet be available, but are still releasing new seasons every couple of months or so.

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A whole bunch of episodes of The Larry Sanders Show are still unavailable on DVD.

The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour - only a set of selected (and edited) episodes from season 3 is available.

Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In - no “seasons” available, only two “Best Of” sets with six episodes on each.

Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends - the first three seasons were released at one-year intervals; but after four years there’s no sign of season 4 (despite previews in the season 3 box), so the series appears to have been abandoned.

Once and Again first two seasons available, not the third season.

Only the first three seasons of “Have Gun - Will Travel” have been issued on DVD, in 2004-2006. As far as I’ve been able to tell, there are no plans to issue seasons 4-6.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 probably wont be fully released for a very long time, if ever.

They don’t have most of the seasons of Just Shoot Me out on DVD yet although the combined first and second seasons were released in 2004!

Malcolm in the Middle only had season one released on DVD – the rest are held up by music clearance issues, apparently.

Who’s the Boss? also stopped after season one, probably due to low sales.

Danny Phantom was a 3 season cartoon series with 20 episodes per season. However, it was released on DVD in two “season” sets of 13 episodes each, getting only 6 episodes into what had previously been treated as the second season.

That’s not so odd, but what is odd is that later, a season three set was released, starting with the first episode of what was considered season three by the 20 episode standard (skipping 14 episodes of season 2.) It’s especially odd since these episodes actually introduced some ongoing plot, two of the most popular villains, and some new powers for the main character, all of which I guess will just be unexplained for anyone who watches the series by DVD.

So not the entire season missing, nor the series not selling well enough to stop releasing before it was done, just a huge chunk taken out for no obvious reason in the middle. The whole series is sold on iTunes, I think, so they’re distributing those episodes still in another format… just very odd, I thought.

I see Larry Sanders has already been mentioned.

Taxi was looking abandoned, but word now is that season 4 is coming, so maybe there is hope.

I haven’t heard any news about Barney Miller since season 3 came out, but seeing as we went 4 years between seasons 1 and 2, maybe there’s still hope for that, too.

Two DVDs of random episodes of Chris Elliott’s Get A Life were released, each disc containing four episodes; no one seems interested in releasing any more.

I wish it was just every couple of months or so. It was more like twice a year, but after the movie came out, they seemed to have slowed to once a year. At which rate it will be impossible they will ever catch up!

They’ve still yet to release Upright Citizens Brigade season 3. Pisses me off.

Mad About You had 2 or 3 seasons, King of the Hill has 6 seasons.

St. Elsewhere. It’s first season came out on DVD. Not the rest.

Only the first four seasons of Mary Tyler Moore is out, and dammit I’m waiting for the Chuckles the Clown dead episode. Also only four seasons for the Bob Newhart Show. And I think only the first season of Newhart is on DVD.

The Canadian series DaVinci’s Inquest only has three of eight seasons released, and there aren’t any plans to release additional seasons.

NYPD Blue only has 4 of 12 seasons out.

Not full seasons, but the cartoon “The Tick” is missing one episode each from both season 1 and season 2. Disney really hasn’t given a coherent answer for why, aside from “licensing issues”. Unfortunately one of the episodes, “Alone Together” is one of the best singel episodes and causes continuity issues when it is left out.

Family had its first and second seasons released in the fall of 2006. Since then, nuttin’.

Only the first season of “American Dreams” has been released so far.

Only the first two seasons of “Hill Street Blues” has been released so far.

The last seasons of “Ducktales” and “The Adventures of Pete & Pete” have been released so far.

I think those are the only ones that really bug me that I can think of at the moment.