What Type of Factory Makes Milk?

Milk for most of the OECD consumers arrives in wax-coated boxes or plastic bottles. Where is it manufactured? Do you children know?

What is an OECD? I could google it and figure it out, but you use it so freely.

I would think milk comes from a dairy, as for where it is stored and processed and packaged um a processing plant?

Is this a Whoosh?

The milk comes from animals called “cows”. They live at places called “Farms”. The owner of the farm (“Farmer”) sells the milk to a “Dairy” or “Milk processing plant” where it is processed and packaged. (Sometimes these plants are owned by farmers’ collectives). The plastic-coated paper boxes was an invention by the company Tetra-pak.

Mmm, tell me more about these “cows”.

OECD = Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. Basically the “nicer” countries to live in.

Next you’ll be telling me that there’s a “magic animal” that we get pork, ham AND bacon from.

But I think Post #3 covers the OP as much as can be answered.

I dunno about them “cows” and “milk” stuff, …but, man, what I wanna know is where they make chickens.
There’s something wrong with the factory where they make the whole chickens—The individual parts are pretty nicely packaged and well manufactured. But if you buy a new, complete unit it comes with all kinds of extra , yukky stuff inside.
I don’t get it—it must cost the factory more to make all that stuff, and then somehow insert it inside the chicken . Why bother?

Chickens are a great invention. You put bugs and corn in one end and eggs come out the other. How cool is that?

In cow tits.

You know what I like? Those little baby hot dogs. Do they small down the regular ones, or do they make 'em different?

I don’t know, but they come with this delicious red sauce that it looks like ketchup, it tastes like ketchup, but brother, it ain’t ketchup!

Cheese and yogurt are made from Milk. Which again comes from the mythical “Cow”.

And supposedly this magical animal produces sausage as well. Well I’ve made sausage, and I hope you don’t expect me to believe that a hooved animal can stuff sausage casings. They just don’t have the dexterity or the patience. Someone is pulling our legs.

And you know what this “cow” also produces? Hamburgers!!

Yep, that’s one versatile mythical beast alright.

You see, when a mommy and daddy hot dog love each other very much…

someone jumps out and chops off daddy hot dog’s “wiener” and there you have your smaller version.

The first thing I thought of when I saw this thread was that it was a joke, but then I thought of what I have heard about people who really think that all food comes from factories; e.g., vegetables are made out of some kind of paste in a factory.

From a D&D game I was told about:

Monster: Where cheese come from?
Human: It comes from cows.
Monster: But, when me kill cow, me no see cheese.

No, hamburgers come from McDonald’s.

This. I’ve seen cows being milked. The result is milk, and I think you could drink it straight, but I believe it is later processed to help preserve it and to reduce fat. That could happen at a plant outside the farm. Then you get what you see at the grocery store.