What type of place do you think this corridor could be located in?

I was browsing Google and happened to come across this picture: http://www.deadendwaterfall.com/exploration/random_corridor_greyred.jpg

I don’t know where or what kind of place the corridor is located in, but I wanted your opinion on what kind of place it could be located in.

A school? A hospital? I’ll let you guys be the judge of that. :slight_smile:


It is far too narrow to be a school or hospital.

Perhaps an office? A juvenile detention facility?

Yeah, an office. It’s way too narrow for a school or hospital.

Most doctor office complexes I go to look like that.

Cheap hotel.

The website seems to be down now. Does anyone still have the image, that they can re-post on imgur.com or somewhere?

Well, it looks like an office building. If it were a school or detention center, or any building meant for high public traffic, the corridor would be wider and probably not carpeted.

The heating unit looks European and the instructions on the emergency exit are only in English. So probably in Great Britain.

Not a school, classroom doors usually have windows.
Not a hospital.

Looks like an office building to me.

Why don’t we zoom and enhance the sign on the door at the end of the corridor? That should give us a clue.

What about the residential unit of a boarding school?

Really? For all I can tell, the lighted sign could say “IIII” and the green sign on the door might be “Pugah You Yo eguh.” I suppose “Push bar to open” makes more sense, but I couldn’t swear that’s what it says.

I’d guess hotel. The little signs on all the doors look about right for “no smoking”, or something like that.

That was my first thought too, American medical office complex (probably not an actual hospital). It also reminds me a bit of the faculty offices in a lower tier university I worked in once, but really anywhere where people need private offices but are not pulling in enough for anything luxurious.

It’s working OK for me. :confused:

I can see a map of some sort on that door as well as the fire exit signage.

No question it is European, given the radiator and signs. Most likely Britain, with the blue signs on each door.

The doors are too close together to be a hotel, and notice that most of them swing out. That’s not common for hotels. It isn’t a hospital because the hallway is too narrow. It has to be some sort of office.

First thing I thought of was a sperm donation center. Rooms are too small for a doctor’s office, but plenty of room for a chair and a magazine rack…

Ask smoothieahoy on the digitalspy forum regarding potential Dr. Who settings.

This was my first thought.

What’s so European about the radiators?