What type of sexual are you?

No, Vanna, for the ten thousandth time, it’s “*Buh-*bye!”

I was gonna say hyper but given the options, homo. :wink:


I cannot imagine anything that would cause me to be physically attracted to a guy.

Is an asexual person interested in masturbation or does asexual mean uninterested in any kind of sex?
I’m a hetero, BTW. A remarkably unsuccessful one but hetero none the less.

This is me, except 95% homo. I’ll have sex with pretty women, but only after pretty men become extinct.

Damn I missed an opportunity for a line. Ok let’s try again.
For the sake of the question, how drunk am I?

Hetero but wish I was asexual. Women have been nothing but trouble for me.

I would call myself 95% hetero. I can visualize myself enjoying some homo acts but seeing I’m a long term married fella, it won’t happen. But I’m not totally grossed out by the homo stuff like a lot of other guys claim.

Homosexual male here, but I’ve had some pretty vivid fantasies and dreams involving women. Don’t think I’ll ever act on them though.

You’re on your third tequila sunrise and are giggling at things that aren’t funny.

Wanna switch?

I failed the Kinsey gay quiz :frowning: It doesn’t know what I am.

I love men, love their bodies but I can appreciate a beautiful woman.

I went ahead and voted asexual but I’m really not even sure. I mean, I like being in relationships and the romance and stuff but I don’t like sex. I have no desire for it and actually have some emotional issues regarding it. So…I don’t know what I would be classified?


I’m with Skald

Well geez. I feel like I’m closed-minded or something to admit that I’m 100% hetero. :frowning:

Bi’s as much detail as you’re going to get out of me here. Reality is a bit more complicated than that.

Not me, because I’d be a lesbian in a second if I could. Or at least bisexual, but I think I’d rather just be a lesbian.

I tried being"bi" a couple times with women who were close friends. I liked playing with their boobies but anything from the waist down was like beep! beep! detour ahead.
There’s nothing better than getting nailed so hard you have to give a discreet cough :cool: if you you know what I mean. (Like you feel it from the bottom up into your throat.)

I’m bisexual.
It’s perfect for me. I can’t imagine being "uni"sexual (is there a word for that?) or asexual.

I’m pretty much evenly bisexual though I prefer to date women (homosexual relationship).

Interesting poll. I’d always perceived that more gay and bisexual people were on this board than in the general population and that does seem to be the case here.