What type of sexual are you?

Today at work a 24 year old guy and myself, a 58 year old woman, got into a discussion of the joys and frustrations of being asexual. I realized that everyone within earshot was listening, and the crowd was growing bigger as other people came over. Kind of like the Three Stories episode of House.
So, this is a private poll, and you are on your honor to answer truthfully.

I’m 95% hetero. I’ve never had sex with another guy but the idea doesn’t repel me; it’s just that women are soooooo pretty.

Bi-ish? I don’t think I could ever be in an exclusive relationship with a girl (since we’d drive each other nuts out of the sack) but having sex with one is something I have done before and would consider doing again (except that I am married and all).

Plain old boring Herero here.

How is someone a-sexual?

Not sure what ‘hetro’ is but on the off chance that it’s supposed to be ‘hetero’ I went with it.

Your sexuality is based on which gender you find sexually attractive. Asexuals find neither.

An asexual is a person who is not interested in having sex with persons of either gender.

Pretty much. I’m drawn to, um, curvy women let’s say while plump men don’t really appeal…probably because I’m so plump myself. :wink: I’m certainly not repelled by homosexuality nor homosexuals, either male or female, and certain aspects of it appeal (won’t get into TMI), but I’m simply sexually drawn to women.

Bit surprised by the responses to the poll so far though…would have thought we had a more even mix here on the 'dope of homosexual/bi posters to heteros.

This is a safe non-judgmental environment where heterosexuals can feel free to reveal themselves.

A - The sample size is still pretty small

B - if the ratios stay the same, i think we may have a larger contingent of non-heteros on the dope than in real life, anyway.

Big ole 6 on the Kinsey scale or whichever end is the gay one.

Hetero. Boys are disgusting.

My sexual orientation is… complicated. It’s taken a while to figure out, but I think I’m heteroromantic and somewhat bisexual.

I am Bisexual. But mostly straight. I enjoy threesomes a lot, MMF, and FFM. Don’t really have a romantic attachment to other males, so I don’t date them, but I enjoy sex with them. Rarely do I have sex with just a guy, or two other males. It has happened in the past, might happen in the future. If I go on a dating site and say I’m into guys, I get hit on a bunch. I don’t hook-up as a regular thing, though. So I am a mostly straight, bisexual male.

Hey, I think the Herero are pretty cool.


I am a flaming hetero.

I look at Botticelli’s Venus, and I think, “That’s a hot babe. I’d like to nail her.”

I look at Michelangelo’s David, and I think, “Gee, I hope I don’t look that silly when I’m naked.”

Agreed. I have no idea why any women are straight. But I’m happy they are.

100% hetero. The thought of having sex with another man is frankly repulsive. I certainly have nothing against it; it just isn’t for me.

The thought of two women together though is a complete and utter turn on. I can’t explain this, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in my thinking.

In theory or in practice?