What type of wine is "sillery" ?

The name came up as a type of wine in a Patrick O’Brian novel. Just what type of wine/liqueur is it ?

My search engines keep selling me crap, but no straight answer.

Sillery is a village in Northeastern France noted for its fine champagne.

source: http://www.ai.univie.ac.at/~harald/champagne.html

Answers don’t get any better. Merci !

Sillery in a commune in the Marne area of France which makes champagne and still white wine. I am not sure which of them Jack Aubrey used to drink, but when he drinks champagne it is referred to as champagne, so I have a hunch that when sillery is referred to, it is the non-sparkling version.
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Threads like this are why I love the Straight Dope. I lived for a few months in the district of Sillery in Quebec City (a tony tree-lined neighborhood with several huge mansions converted into apartments), but never knew the origin of the name. Thanks!

Anybody know where you can order some?

If you’re lucky, you might find a bottle that’s as old as this thread.

I realized its a zombie but I’m still interested in finding some and giving it a try.

From the wiki, Sillery is in the Montagne de Reimsregion. This region is one of the major regions of Champagne production. From this map, you can see that the Montagne region is not actually in Sillery, but instead on the ridge south of the town. Here’s a nice little summary of the region.

Eyeballing it, the closest vineyards appear to be in Mailly. An example of Mailly is this eponymous Grand Cru, Blanc de Noirs. OTOH, Moet makes a Grand Cru, Les Champs des Romont, that claims to be from Sillery. I’ve not had it, but I imagine it’s good. Made from Pinot Meunier, and this agglomerationof Moet results claims two reviews with an average score of 89.

Francois Seconde appears to be in Sillery and makes Champagne too. Here’s a list of their wines. They make a still wine too.

If you just want a wine named Sillery, that has nothing to do with France, I guess you could try this one.

Good luck finding any of these, incidentally. Winesearcher shows a few hits for the Seconde; I don’t remember ever seeing any in a store.

If you’re near Westchester Wine Warehouse, they have some.