What US Currency Notes Do You Regularly Carry?

OK, so this is geared for US-based Dopers, and anyone else who conducts their cash business in US currency. Rather than hijack this thread, I created a poll.

On a weekly cycle, what US currency notes do you normally carry in your wallet / purse / sock / pocket / backpack / whatever?

FWIW, I never carry any bills worth more than $20.00 each.

I usually get the same amount of cash back after depositing a paycheck and it’s a combo of $20s and $10s. As soon as I spend something I’m likely to have singles and $5s, so those four notes were my choices. I very rarely have $50s or $100s. Never $2s because you just don’t get them in normal circulation.

I didn’t vote for 50s and 100s, because currently i don’t carry them around much. When I’m in a phase where I go to the casino more, it would not be unusual to have the larger bills.

I keep a C note in a hidden pocket of my wallet for just in case. Each week I take a hundred dollars in twenties out of the bank for incidentals like tips and drinks at work. I usually have tens fives and ones from change. I set aside coin change each night. When my five gallon water bottle fills up I cash it in and add to my savings. Otherwise it’s all plastic or auto withdrawal.

I get my cash from an ATM that gives out only $20. I get the $1, $5, and $10s from change.

If you’re getting cash at a bank anyway, just ask for some in $2s. They’re fun.

ATMs give out 20s. So I usually have 20s and below. If I am going somewhere that I’ll need a large amount of cash I’ll get it in hundreds.

$20s mostly, because that’s what most ATMs give out. (The ATM at the laundromat gives $10, so I recently unexpectedly got $200 in tens. That was fun!)

Yep; ATM user, so twenties to begin with, and tens, fives, and ones as change. I’d prefer to use debit exclusively, but it just isn’t as frictionless as it should be if it’s going to be universal. I only keep about $50 - $60 cash on hand, usually.

Regularly ones through twenties. I also have a couple of $2 bills hidden behind my license for luck. The only time I carry bigger bills is when I’m off to Vegas.

I voted for ones, fives, and twenties. I skipped tens, because I may go all week without seeing one; that said I pretty much never carry twos, fifties, or hundreds.

Like everyone else, I get $20s from the ATM. I try to spend the lower denominations first.

If I could choose what denomination the ATM gave me, I’d go with $5s.

I hardly eve carry any cash.

I make sure I have ones for the vending machines and the ATM spits out twenties, so the ones are a sure thing and there’s usually at least one twenty. After that, it depends on what I’ve bought and what change I was given. But I’ll use the fives and tens rather than running myself out of ones.

I answered for when I am in the US. Canada has no ones or twos, although I usually have a couple of loonies or twonies. Some of our bank machines give out fifties, but I try to avoid them. I pay cash surprisingly often. When I have to pay my doctor for the cost of a blood test, I have to give him cash or cheque. I never use plastic for less than $20 (and there is a Chinese grocery around here that won’t take credit under $20).

Me too. Well I do carry cash, but rarely more than $20 or so at a time. Since I pay for everything with plastic (or online bill pay) I can go a month or two without using an ATM. Checks are reserved for rent, children’s birthdays/christenings/Xmas, and the odd donation.

Like others, all the cash I carry is either directly from the ATM, or change from another transaction, so I hardly ever see anything bigger than a twenty.

None. I don’t remember precisely when the last time was that I actually carried cash around with me, but I think it hasn’t been since sometime in 2011. It has been at least a year since I last visited an ATM.

All of my financial transactions are done either online or with a debit card these days. I have absolutely no need for physical cash anymore for anything I do day to day.

I try to use plastic as much as I can but always have approx $100 in 20s or 10s. I don’t like smaller bills, so when I break a larger bill, I just give the smaller bills to my wife at the end of the day

I try to live cash only (aside from online purchases), so I see everything $20 and below almost every day. I also regularly carry a $20 and a $2 tucked away in my wallet. I rarely see anything over a $20.