So ... How much cash do you have on you?

I usually make it a point to have a “comfortable” amount of cash in my wallet. I define comfortable as in the $20-$50 range. Enough so that I can stop at the store for a couple of things on the way home and not have to whip out the credit card. Right now I’m at $32.

I’ve noticed some will tend to have next to no cash on a regular basis (regardless of their financial situation), and others will tend towards the extreme (I used to work with a guy who kept a grand on him “just in case” he happened to be passing the casino).

Your turn.

Ten bucks and some change.

ATM card.

Credit card.


Atm Card
Credit card

Idon’t carry cash often. If I do, I spend it.


I’m poor.

So, whaddaya say buddy? Spare a buck for a cup of coffee?

None. I never carry more than $1, and 90% of the time I have none at all. I use my ATM card when I need to. I don’t have a credit card.

If I had cash on me, I would doubtless give in to the demons that haunt me, such as bookstores, generic slim-jims and diet mountain dew.

$104.29 right now. Usually more in the $20-$40 rage, but I’ve got some shopping to do after work today.

Usually my max is $20 for normal, everyday usage. If I’m going out or heading out of town, I’ll have a fair amount more. Currently, I have maybe 20 cents in pennies, as I did some shopping last night and today. (Plus my ATM card, which I always carry.)

You guys are making me feel rich. I’m carrying $113.09, plus a $20 Travelers Cheque, an ATM card, and way too many credit cards.

But then I think about what I owe on those credit cards, and I feel poor again. Very, very poor.

$210 just call me Mr. Money bags. I’m scared though it is a Friday and I get off of work very soon.


About $50.00 in cash but usually no more than $20.00 I love my ATM card. (If it was a boy, I’d marry it!)

$23 and some change right now. I usually carry about $60.
I hate going to the ATM as much as I hate having to stop and get gas, which is a lot, so I’d rather have enough cash to hold me for a while. I generally use my check card everywhere to conserve the cash. Don’t use credit cards.

Usually under $20, so I won’t spend it, plus an “emergency” $20 hidden in the back of my wallet in case something goes wrong. Otherwise, a debit card, no credit cards.




Just spent my last 3 bucks in cash on Taco Bell for lunch.

For the past few months, I’ve been trying out a new budgeting strategy: when I deposit my paycheck, I take all of the cash I’m “allowed” to spend until the next pay day out at once.

Of course, that means that if I get mugged coming out of the bank, I’m officially broke for the next two weeks…

At any rate, I always end up screwing up the system somehow; I’ll loan a chunk of cash to someone who repays me with a check (which I then don’t get around to cashing, I just carry it around in my wallet until the next paycheck comes, and in the meantime I use my debit/ATM card to buy things or get cash), or I’ll use my debit card for a small purchase, because I don’t want to break any of the bills in my wallet. :rolleyes:

So now I’m back to taking out $10 or $20 at a time, as I need it, and using my debit card like a madwoman.

Normally, I carry around at least $20-30 or so. I don’t have any credit cards, but I do have an ATM card.

The grand total in my wallet is:


(I went to the bank earlier this week and haven’t spent the money yet… let’s hope I can keep it that way through the weekend! Then again, I might go shopping, too… oh my!)

$83 in cash and 2 bucks in change.

I’m going camping this weekend so that’s my gas money etc. I usually only carry 20-40 for the week for lunch etc.

ATM Card
2 Credit Cards

$96 and change.
A whole bunch of credit cards that I seldom use.

I usually withdraw $200 from the ATM, wait until it gets used up, then repeat the process. For some reason this is happening on a weekly basis, even when I don’t indulge in any purchases…

$50.00 but it is Friday evening and anything can happen. I won’t have it long, I know that much.

$204 dollars (just hit the ATM, wife never has cash on her, and we are out of town this weekend).

Auntie Em who may want to be careful with that Debit Card- it’s much harder to dispute charges and if that number gets stolen they can quickly loot your checking account (and thus cause ALL of your checks to bounce, incurring fees from the Bank and the Business who received your now bad checks-- and possible reports on your check record.) While most of this can be eventually, undone it will take lots of time and effort and dealing with disinterested to semi-hostile clerks and tellers. Ugh, no thanks.

Thanks why my Amex gets plenty of use.


who = you. That’s it I am going home. . . .