What usefulness can I get from my digital picture frame?

So I’ve got this digital picture frame hooked up next to the computer at work and it shows the same boring old photos I put in it some months ago. It’s just useless. What I was wondering was how can I use it to do something useful or not boring, like learning stuff. The first thought I had was some kind of images of flashcards, like I used when trying to learn German (first the English word / then the corresponding German one).

Any more alternative uses you can think of?

I’d be interested in response too!

My dad got me one a few years back (I got very excited as I thought there might be an iPod in the parcel) and it’s sat in the box ever since.

To see my photos I have random ones appear on my screensaver, or print them out and frame them properly.

Serving tray

Use it by your door for joazito is in or joazito is out.

Load it with pictures of yourself and give it to your doting (grand)mother. Or load it with pictures of all her (grand)children.

I did this for my mom who has Alzheimer’s. I used Microsoft PowerPoint to create a slideshow with one picture per slide. On each slide, I put in a caption of who was in the picture, in the form of, “My son, BobArrgh, with his wife Robin.” Putting the caption in this form allowed her to both see the pictures and names, but also provided her with some dignity by letting her show the frame to others to show off her family without her having to try to remember all the names and relationships.

PowerPoint has an option where each slide can be saved as a graphical file (such as a jpg), which could then be copied over to the frame.

Worked out pretty well.

I’m impressed by your idea BobArrgh, very smart!

I second this. That was really thoughtful.

Well, not useful but…

If you have a way to make the photos change via a ‘dissolve’, I would take a series of photos where the person in the photo moves little by little across the frame.

It could drive your coworkers nuts.

Maastricht, BobArrgh, I’m sold on your idea. My grandma is suffering from a degenerative disease and I’ll do just what you suggested. Big captions included. That seems really thoughtful.

Just chiming in that that is a wonderful idea, BobArrgh.

My husband wanted one, and he has pictures relating to personal fitness/bodybuilding and funny/cute pictures of animals in the waiting room of his gym.

Great idea Joazito! I’m sure your grandmother will be very pleased with it.

I just wanted to say that a self-help book I read suggested that you load such a frame with all sorts of motivational crap, good intentions and reminders to yourself.

Following on from this, if you have an artistic bent (and depending on how fast you can set the photos to cycle through), you could take a series of pictures and create a claymation-style animation. Get creative. :slight_smile:

Such as?

These people http://www.motifake.com/ have plenty of material you can use, or use their tools to make some more.

Well, whatever has meaning to you.