What Vitamin/Mineral Supplements Do You Really, Really Believe In?

And take regularly please?

For me , it is CoQ10 50
800 of E
A multi-Vitamin
Glucosamine Chondroitin
Saw Palmetto
C 500
Citracal D
Chromium Piccolinate

And lately, I have started taking Indium. 4 drops on the back of the tongue every day. (Look it up)

I would be happy to hear from any of you, pro or con, and especially about Indium.



All the initial ones you mention seem noncontroversial, but why in the world would you want to put this in your body:


Zinc. I start taking it at the onset of a cold. It seems whenever I do I never get a full blown cold. If I have a cold and take it it seems to make it go away faster.

The jury is still out on virtually all vitamins and supplements, but one of the least controversial is the idea that everyone living north of approximately San Francisco should be taking cod liver oil (for the D and A) due to the lack of sunlight we experience. Dark-skinned people and people who never expose any skin to sun should probably also supplement their diet with cod liver oil.

I credit daily vitamin E w/ greatly helping my skin, it’s done wonders and I know pretty fast when I’ve skipped a day or two. And if it weren’t for Evening Primrose Oil, you all would have seen scary headlines about me by now. I wish I’d known about it when I was a teenager, though I don’t know that it would have helped w/ the insane PMS you go through while your body’s hormones levels are fluctuating so madly. EPO virtually eliminates all my PMS symptoms.
And I use the Zicam products as directed and they always work for me.

You might want to read this thread.

I take a standard multi-vitamin, as well as additional calcium, but I really need to take more, I’ve just been too busy/lazy to research what my body needs to compensate for my hashimoto’s disease.

As for glucosamine, I can actually attest to its effectiveness based on my cat. She’s 21 and a couple of years ago started experiencing a little loss of strength in her legs. She had a harder time jumping up on the bed, sofa, chairs, etc, and would fall over mid-jump and land on her side. On the advice of her vet, we started giving her glucosamine and within a few weeks we saw a significant, noticable improvement. She’s been getting it daily for a couple years now and in all that time I’ve never seen her fall over trying to jump up on anything.

We’ve also seen a great improvement in her skin and coat since adding omega 3 fatty acids to her vitamin regimen, as well. Based on the very positive results we’ve seen her experience with these 2 supplements, I’ve been contemplating taking them, myself, since joint pain and dry skin and hair are among the symptoms I experience.

Glucosamine sulfate.

I was a baseball catcher until I was in my early 20’s and my knees were so bad that I would get throbbing pain if they were immobile for an hour. I couldn’t drive long distances or ride on an airplane without severe pain. Crouching would cause my knees to crackle and I could barely get up.

On the suggestion of my doctor (MD) I took glucosamine and with no other changes in lifestyle my knees healed completely in about three months. I haven’t taken it in years and my knees are still just fine.

Omega 3. Highly recommended by my OB and thought to be beneficial as part of a treatment plan for depression as well.

My parents both have early onset osteoarthritis and swear by glucosamine.

And I take prenatals. Mostly because I’m supposed to.

Calcium with vitamin D, on the advice of my doctor. I am so far from osteoporosis that they say my bones are as good as your average 35-year-old woman (which I am not by a long shot). I want to keep it that way.

Glucosamine chondroitin. When I take it twice every day without ever missing a dose my arthritis does not seem to be as bad. Would that my joints and cartilege were as good as my bones.

Prenatals, every day. Been taking them since 2001 when I first started trying, and have been either pregnant or breastfeeding since then.

Omega 3-6-9 because I don’t eat any seafood. The older kid gets one in her juice most days too, because she doesn’t eat any seafood either (though I hope she doesn’t inherit my life-long aversion…)

I only use the lozenges because I would die of the heebie-jeebies if I squirted something up my nose that stayed there… My sense of smell is safe.

I take one multivitamin daily.

I take Zinc every other day.

I supplement my diet with protein bar or shakes just about daily, depending on my calories and/or protein total for the day.

I take creatine twice daily.

I occassionally supplement argenine and lysine (this is ‘old school’, as some succesful body builders in my circles believed these were essential to ‘striations’ in muscles - or the ripped look. The evidence is anecdotal, but hard to deny or ignore as coincidence)

I would take Omega-3 supplements if I didn’t eat enough fish.

I eat 1500 calories day. (5’10", 185 lbs, 14% body fat, 38 y/o)


Take your folic acid. It’s been proven to prevent 70 % of neural tube defects!

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I mean, you never know when you’re going to get pregnant, those of you who are in a relationship. And if you’re going to have that kid, you’re going to want it to have every chance.

Prematurity and low-weight birth is at an appalling rate in the U.S., a developed country. And most states don’t do enough prenatal screening. One of the simplest things you can do is take a daily multi-vitamin that has folic acid.

Everyday: fish oil supplements for bipolar depression

With symptoms or with antibiotics: yogurt/acidopholus for mild candida infections

Morning - Green tea extract and Tums for calcium (plus it helps 'cause the green tea is hard on the stomach)

Evening - multivitamin, fish oil, and iron supplements (recommended by a doctor since I’m always borderline anemic)

I’m thinking about adding glucosamine but I want to research it more. I don’t add anything that doesn’t have a lot of research to back it up. I figure I’d rather spend my money on eating higher quality food than trying to get some obscure and possibly useless nutrient from an expensive supplement.

This is what happen’s when you date an amateur herbalist

Mega-Man Multi
Chewable Acidophilus
Grape Seed Extract
Saw Palmetto
Cranberry Extract
Milk Thistle Extract


The B12 is for a peripheral neuropathy, B6 'cus I’m veg, Iron 'cus I’m anemic, Calcium 'cus I’m a girl, and a multivitamin for good measure.


Exactly the same here. It’s like a miracle cure.

My evening primrose oil capsule has cod liver oil in it too, and I take a multivitamin and mineral supplement too.

Omega 3-6-9, calcium/magnesium, E, C, folic acid, digestive enzymes.

And sometimes bromelain, bilberry, gingko biloba, and Beta 1-3 Glucans and red yeast rice (for natural cholesterol control).