What vitamins/supplements do you take often?

Not asking for any private knowledge. I was thinking what a big industry vitamins are. During medical school, I remember our chemistry professor becoming red in the face as he stormed about the unnecessary additions to multivitamins. “Nickel! What the hell does your body need nickel for!” Yet even some doctors take vitamins. I am an avid weightlifter and see value in taking niacin, fish oil and creatinine. What about you?

I’d also include probiotics, though like most nutraceuticals it is probably better to eat them (as fermented foods, etc.) than take huge quantities of thing in isolation.

In the winter I take vitamin D - but only because my doctor told me I was “vitamin D insufficient” and so I should. (In the summer I rely on the sun).


Calcium, Vit D, B12, and Iron. Iron because even though it’s been nearly 20 years since I’ve had a period, I’m still anemic

My doctor said I should take your basic daily vitamin, but said “And if you’re wondering where most of those vitamins are going, you can watch yourself pee”.

I take quercetin and baicalein supplements, as reputable studies seem to indicate that certain flavonoids can contribute to retinal health (I have retinal degeneration, so I pay attention to such things). I keep a list on my fridge of all the flavonoids that are supposed to be good for your retinas, and the foods that are rich in them. Luckily, I eat a lot of those foods anyway (things like carrots, onions, peppers, red wine, citrus) and I try to make certain foods I wouldn’t otherwise eat much of, like strawberries and almonds, part of my regular breakfast.

The reason I take the supplements is because it is apparently difficult to get significant quantities of quercetin and bacalein simply through what you eat. If I knew that there were rich food sources, I’d probably go that route and skip the supplements.

I also take methylcobalamin (a form of B12) as prescribed by my retinal specialist in Singapore, also for eye health.

Finally I take a calcium with vitamin C pill because I have mild osteopenia and the doctor recommended it.

I’m not sure any of the supplements and vitamins matter - probably the best thing I do is to focus on good foods like fruits, vegetables, and nuts. However, I don’t consume crazy high doses of anything, so I suspect that at worst it is harmless (or as Shelden Cooper would say, it helps me produce expensive urine).

Calcium, I do drink milk and eat yogurt just not quite enough. Multivitamin/mineral.

DIY pre-workout

  • Creatine
  • Beta-Alanine
  • L-Citrulline
  • Caffeine
  • Theanine

Vitamin D on the advice of my neurologist
Omega 3 (Krill Oil) for anti-inflammation and heart benefits
Probiotics on and off for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

A multi-vitamin. And a calcium pill, because I don’t eat any dairy. Well, maybe milk in coffee once in a blue moon, but that’s it.

Personally, I try to take a few Metamucil fiber capsules daily, along with Align, which is a probiotic. (I do wonder, though about taking such things. I mean, the idea with the probiotics is the bacteria is supposed to be good for your gut flora. But shouldn’t the bacterium establish a colony after a few doses, so continued usage of the pill no longer be necessary?)

I’m not going to comment much during this thread. But not that much is really known about gut microsomes and probiotics. Since one third of the nerves in the body supply it, the gut is hugely important. Diet affects microsome which seems to influence health. Healthy foods, yogurts, kefir, fermented foods may be beneficial. If you take pills with millions of colonies, it isn’t known AFAIK how long they last, how much is good, or which bacteria are best.

Or even which bacteria are safe, or what is actually in a pill given regulation. It’s not even an easy thing to study.

A multivitamin
Vitamin D, since I’m a tad low
Potassium, again for low levels
Preservation AREDS 2, for macular degeneration

All suggested by my doctors.

A multivitamin for old men
Prescription omega-3
Folic acid
GTF chromium
Lutein with zeaxanthin

Recommended by my doctor:
Fish oil (for a specific condition)
Vitamin D ( for a specific condition)

Not Recommended by my doctor:

I understand the whole, if you eat a balanced diet you don’t need vitamins thing, but i take it anyway.

Fish oil, and a multi-vitamin twice a week. Both on advice of my doctor. For a while he had me on Vitamin D, but decided I’m outside enough it’s not needed.

I take no supplements unless recommended by a physician with personal insight into my health.

Most of my life, no extra vitamins, and I’d read that most of them were useless in that your body couldn’t use the excess and just got rid of it if you had any sort of reasonable diet.

My doctor recently asked me if I was eating a balanced diet and I said I thought so. But in retrospect, I probably have too much of what would be considered junk food, and definitely low on veggies and leafy greens. When the pharmacist asked me the same question after refilling prescriptions for a lot of different stuff related to a heart incident a few years ago, I said “probably not” and she particularly suggested Vitamin D, or else multivitamins.

I browsed around the vitamins section and two multivitamins caught my attention – one formulated for “cardio patients”, and one for “men over 50”. Since I am both of those, I looked at the ingredients, and picked the “men over 50” multi as it had much more Vitamin D. Good call, based on further reading on the internet. Adults under 70 apparently need at least 600 IU of Vitamin D daily, those 70 or over need 800, according to Healthline. This stuff contains 800 IU of Vitamin D plus a ton of other vitamins and minerals. I’ll ask my doctor about it at my next regular visit.

Vitamin D. I’m officially deficient because I work nights and dislike direct sunlight on me unless it’s like -20 or I’m swimming when it’s about 65-70 out. I live in Tucson.

Vitamin D seems to be the common denominator. I take it too, but it seems like at one point D became “the latest fashion”. The reasons the doc gave make sense and I suppose it can’t hurt. Still I wonder . . . .
I take a multi - prenatal version, actually. I don’t know how much different it is than the standard, but I have a not so great diet. I also take A and Biotin. Oh, and Blue Algae.

Vitamin D since I’m a northerner.

L-Methyl folate, since my gene analysis shows I’m one of those who doesn’t convert folate into L-Methyl folate, and hence tend towards lower dopamine levels even in the best of times. Such a genotype is associated with higher rates of dysthymia, depression, and addiction.