What was he rolling around his lips?

I recently witnessed a young man applying what looked to me like a roll-on deodorant dispenser all around his lips (but it didn’t look like he actually put it on his lips). What could this have been, and for what purpose?

Sorry, I should have added that the product appeared to be a prescription pharmaceutical.

You mean chapstick?

Was he wearing knee pads?

Third tube down?

Size of dispenser would be helpful. Blistex Lip Infusion is a 2.5 inch tube that is applied via roll-on. Like the small roll-on fragrances of times past.

I used to work with a guy who put on lip balm about every hour or so.

linqy to the Perfect Master.

I have a tube of lipgloss that works like a roll on deodorant. It’s quite nice, too.

You might be referring to someone who takes Accutane. I took it a number of years ago, and the only negative side effect I experienced was extremely dry lips. I had to use chapstick constantly, and finally stopped using the medication.

Sorry I’m getting back here so late! Thank you for your replies, but we haven’t identified it yet.

The product was most emphatically NOT anything at all like a lip balm or similar product.

First, I pretty sure he did not put it directly on his lips. He seemed to put it around, but not touching, his lips.

Second, this was a prescription pharmaceutical, not an over-the-counter product.

Third, the dispenser was large – just a teeny bit smaller than the size of a roll-on deodorant dispenser and with the very same roll-on “ball”.
Could it have been an external prescription medication for herpes or something?