What was John Travolta's car in "Swordfish" (the movie)???

Okay, if you remember the film, the character of Travolta (called Gabriel - we later find out that this may not be true but that’s not really important) has this amazing looking silver sports car that he drives.

We first see it in a short flash when he pulls up to the driveway of his club.

Later we are given a view of it’s surreal controls and cockpit as well as more of the bodywork when he and Hugh Jackman (playing Stanley Jobson) are being chased by government agents down the highway, and later through a winding passage of narrow streets with shops on either side.

It’s a tiny car, but looks really cool.

But what car is it? I don’t know where I can find the make and model, or if it’s even a real car or just a concept (I don’t know much about cars, obviously).

Was it a TVR Tuscan?

Yeah, the car’s a TVR. Here’s the company’s website. Getting one in the US, however, might be problemmatic.