What was that song on American Dreams (3/9/03)?

Did anyone see the American Dreams episode tonight? If so, do you know what the song was that Warren sang/played the guitar for his date in the music room at the school dance? I must find this song! Thanks for the help…

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I think it’s possible that the song was written for that show.

It sounded sort of Dylan-esq, didn’t it?

Them was my times, I was big into folk music, and I don’t recall ever hearing that one before. I agree with you that it was a good one. If you learn more, please post your findings here.

Unfortunately, both The Wife and I felt that no high school student in 1964 could have written that song. Bothered us almost as much as the girl’s hair does (no 15 year old would have gone out with her hair looking dirty in 1964, no matter how fashionable it is in 2003).

We did feel that we had heard the guy sing before but couldn’t place him. Good song.

Sorry to bump a month old thread, but what do you mean that Meg’s hair looks dirty? It looks clean to me?

Ooh, a post about American Dreams! How could I have missed this?! :slight_smile:

I’m not certain, but I think that song was written for the show. The NBC website’s American Dreams show page might have the information on it (and in fact, I think that might be where I read that the song was written for the show). It was a good song! :slight_smile:


Meg’s hair looks greasy and uncombed. Back in the day teens wore their hair ratted or styled to within an inch of its life. John Waters in Hairspray got that right, and American Dreams seems to have it correct for all characters except the lead blonde.

Huh, I thought her hair did look made up, but I grew up in an era of “wash or don’t wash, comb or don’t comb, they’re all valid lifestyle choices, man.” :slight_smile:

(We really need a wry smilie.)