What was the average age of victims of Church abuse?

In light of the comments of one Vatican official that it was a homosexual problem, not a paedophile one, I was wondering what the actually ages of the victims were?

Obviously this will change by country.

Just a general jist of how many were what age etc.


I don’t suppose anybody knows.

First of all, we don’t even know who they all were, even the known ones – many of the settlements required non-disclosure.

At a guess, many (most?) were altar boys, which would generally be between ages 10-20.

Just as an aside, it astonishes me how long the RCC has tolerated this. When i was in school (in the 30s and 40s), I had quite a few Catholic friends. All of them knew which priests they had to watch out for. I often heard them say, “Keep away from Father X.”

To think that this went on for all those years before and after, and almost everybody knew it, but it seems, the Vatican.

The current lawsuits (like the Kentucky ones) claim that the Vatican (and the current Pope, specifically) did know about it, just did nothing about it.