What Was the Best Western Movie Ever Made?

I know it happened in the “south” but I would have to say “Lonesome Dove”. If it(Lonesome Dove) won’t count because it was a mini serious, then I say “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” was the best.

Well What about ya’ll?

“Seven Samur…,” er, “The Magnificent Seven,” followed closely by “True Grit.”

“Silverado” because it has every Western cliche´ ever.

Any John Wayne movie with “Rio” in the title.

“The Quick and The Dead” and “Tombstone” were both better than they should have been.

My all-time favorite Western is “The Cheyenne Social Club”.
And the one where Henry Fonda’s character is named “Howdy”.
Everyone who saw him would say “Howdy, Howdy.”. I love that.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance is the best made, most intelligent, most well acted Western ever - at least IMHO.

“The Searchers.” Hands down.

My vote goes for Once Upon a Time in the West.

High Noon


3:10 to Yuma


Winchester '73

and maybe even

The Ox-Bow Incident

Stagecoach – You basic western, rarely done better.

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon – Episodic, but nice story about life on the frontier. Great performance by John Wayne.

Fort Apache – Henry Fonda as the glory-hunting commander. One of the few older westerns where the Indians are perfectly justified.

And, for a change of pace

Support Your Local Sheriff – Hilarious western comedy. Especially noteworthy is how James Garner keeps Bruce Dern in a cell without bars, and what he does when Walter Brennan pulls a gun on him.

Three of my four favorites are already mentioned, so I’ll second Magnificent Seven, Silverado, and Support Your Local Sheriff. Though its not exactly a traditional western, I’ll add Quigley Down Under to the list as well.


All good choices, but I would have to say:

“The Outlaw Jose Wales” (I reckon so…)


“Pale Rider”.

I prefer Mr. Eastwood’s later westerns to his earlier works, but they were pretty good too.

Another vote here for Silverado. I actually enjoyed Kevin Costner’s acting in this role. I love Lawrence Kasdan flicks. Beautiful and panoramic epics, every one.

I’ve also gotta put in a good word for Lonesome Dove. That was a great movie/mini-series. It showed us that Ricky Schroder really could act and that we should call him Rick.

“The Magnificent Seven” yea that was a good one good choice Goboy.

“Outlaw Josey Wales” that one kicked butt.

As another comedy western that nobody has mentioned that is just hilarious is “Evil Roy Slade”. Man I would love to see that movie again. But I can’t find it at any video store. John Astin(from the Adams Family) stars in it and he is just too freakin funny especially his laugh. Anybody seen it?

Stagecoach has already been mentioned, and that has to be a top contender. I’m also partial to My Darling Clementine. My favorite (which doesn’t mean its the best, just that I enjoy it the most) is Little Big Man. “Yes, my son, it is a good day to die.”

Here’s another vote for Support Your Local Sheriff.
I’m going to add My Name is Nobody starring Henry Fonda and some good-looking blonde guy I’ve never seen anywhere else. I’m going to get booed for this one, but I LOVE the Mel Gibson version of Maverick.

I’m not a big western fan, but Mr. Athena is, and he informs me that the best Western ever made is "Pat Garret and Billy the Kid.

I think I may have seen it once or twice… something about cowboys…

Blazing Saddles anyone?

Since likely nobody will take that seriously, how about Unforgiven. It is the only western to win best picture I think. I also like the Searchers, but I think High Noon is overrated.

My favorite is also The Outlaw Josey Wales, with honorable mentions going to Once Upon a Time in the West, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, and High Noon.

one vote for tampopo, here.

Now keep your eyes peeled or I’ll peel’em for ya!-Roy Slade. Thanks WB I haven’t thought of that movie in years. You might look it up in IMDB and/or Tower Video.

My favs: Little Big Man; Soldier Blue; Man in the Wilderness; The Great Northfield, Minnesota Raid; McCabe and Mrs. Miller; High Noon; “Botch Casually and the Somedunce Kid”(by way of MAD). I loved westerns as a kid: saw LBM at a very young age (my poor father hated it but sat through anyway)

Red River.

I also like The Virginian a whole heck of a lot,
partly because its lack of denoument fits a Western very

What is it about Westerns, anyway?