What was the first town/city founded after the US Revolutionary War?

I’ve been playing a lot of Civilisation IV: Colonisation lately; and after fighting a extremely long and protracted war of Independence (it dragged on for about about 130 years of game time), I finally managed to both defeat the King and found a Colony in a faraway mountain range chock full of silver, in the same turn.

This got me wondering: After the US Revolutionary War was officially concluded, what was the first town or city that was founded in the United States of America?

Not quite what you’re asking, but Dickinson College was the first College to be chartered after the Revolutionary War, five days after the Treaty of Paris.

Just a bit of interesting trivia, a group of revolutionary war officers were given land in New York and founded a group of cities around the Finger Lakes with names like Syracus and Ithaca. The idea was to emulate the city states of Greece, but I don’t know if anything came of it.

Well, let’s see; the Treaty of Paris was in 1783.

Cincinatti was founded in 1788. Any earlier?

(Lexington, Kentucky and Nashville, Tennessee were founded during the war. The former was named for Lexington, Massachusetts following the battles of Lexington and Concord.)

Knoxville, Tennessee was founded in 1786.

Asheville, North Carolina was founded in 1784 on a soldier’s land grant property.

Louisville, Kentucky was founded during the war.

Do you want to know the first town settled, organized, or chartered after the Revolution? They have different answers. Searching on Wikipedia I found that Burlington, Vermont, for instance, was settled in 1783. So were many other towns, I suspect. I think your question is basically meaningless, since there are an enormous number of towns (even back at that time), and it’s hard to say what is meant by founding a town:


Good point. There would have been a multitude of settlements established around that time, some of which thrived and went on to become well-known cities.