What was the iron maiden

I saw something on the history channel about this torture device, but they gave vague details about it. I just want to know exactly what this thing did to the unlucky victims.

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It’s a metal coffin with spikes in it. A quick Google.

From here

Yeah, but how long did it take to die and how did you die from this device (I suppose bled to death).

Bram Stoker, best remembered as the author of Dracula, wrote a short story entitled The Squaw in which an Iron Maiden exhibited at Nuremberg Castle figures prominently. It is suggested that death was immediate, and that the torture consisted in having to watch the door slowly close on one.

OK I thought it was something else.

But then again what is this device:

Basically a metal ‘cage’ that is the basic shape of a man standing upright, big enough to allow a man to stand up but not much more.


The Iron Maiden

Site includes a picture.

Are you talking about a Jibbet cage?


That was for Kanicbird

These torture devices always seem to end in death till quite recently. Whats wrong with pummeling a suspect for a while then releasing him, eh??

What, and let the guy go sue you? You think medieval torturers were tough, you’ve never heard about the lawyers…

My favorite has to be the pear.

Such an innocent name.

Such a horrific device.

That might be another form of it, and if not still is very close and looks like it serves the same purpose. The one I was thinking of actually was somewhat curved so the area by the legs were smaller then the area by the chest/arms, and the head area was smaller again.

I thought, before this thread, that was the iron maden since it had a basically human form, and looked a bit more female.

My favourite is the comfy chair. (Warning, photo of the device being used in torture).


That’s your favourite?!?!?!?

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