what was the last thing you read in the bathroom?

I’m reading Book 7 of The Dark Tower series.

The latest PS238 collection, “When Worlds Go Splat!”

Literally, the last thing I read was Time magazine. We also keep Entertainment Weekly in there, and I have a book of NYT crossword puzzles. But first thing in the morning (which was my last visit) my mind is too hazy to do crosswords.

International Travel News magazine. Time magazine always finds its way to the bathroom, also.

Love that one! Especially the one with “then I had some prunes to eat…”

Make Magazine.

A map of Olympia National Park.

World War Z by Max Brooks. The short story format is ideal for doing business!

medicine bottle while standing to answer the thread title.

Adventure Cyclist - an article about a ride through New Mexico.

I have a droid, but I have adliko loaded, and it uses feedbooks.com for free ebooks, and I load stuff I have from other sources as well. I am currently working through the various books by Edgar Wallace, who was the writer for King Kong, and am currently reading The Green Rust.

Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer

An article on food addiction in New Scientist.

I keep a recent copy of Entertainment Weekly in the john at home.

An old issue of Guitar World

Let me Nominate the OP for Best SDMB Moniker/Thread Topic.

I last read a Lands End Catalog.

That’s been seconded!

Earth by Jon Stewart and The Daily Show writers.

Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons - Lorna Landvik

Good book, but just ends… abruptly. I was looking for missing pages, but no, it just ended.

One of the Straight Dope books (the one with the red cover, I think). Got them all sitting on the back of the toilet.