What was the meaning of this dream?

Okay, this SEEMS like the right place to ask this question… :wink:

So last night, I had a dream about a very elaborate mausoleum. It was built like a cross between a mausoleum and a small mansion, to be accurate… someone actually lived there, but it was also, well, a mausoleum. If anyone has ever seen the Wilhelm Memorial mausoleum in Portland (OR), it was a LOT like that (and I have a feeling it was based on that… I go there every Memorial Day. It’s HUGE. The biggest mausoleum in the West, seven miles of corridors, I’ve never figured out exactly how many floors, and I’m not sure that anyone else ever has either…) (Here’s a pic of the interior, but it really does not give you any idea of the scale. And here’s one of the Tiffany windows-- there are others!

I approached the building through a large parking lot and went behind a strip mall, but the house/ms almost looked like an old British estate. Whoever owned the building and lived there was giving me a tour of the front parts of the mausoleum, but there was MUCH more that we didn’t see. One room had an elaborate central sculpture and a gold rim, kind of like a tiny upside-down dome for a basilica. We went into the dining room and ate something. Behind us and to the left, the outermost room of the mausoleum. was visible.

The person gave me a key and said that I could come back and see the entire mausoleum by myself. While the idea was just a tiny tad bit unsettling-- or it was almost more like I thought it SHOULD be unsettling, even though it wasn’t-- I was leaning in the direction of coming back tomorrow and going through the entire mausoleum. It was beautiful and felt fascinating and mysterious rather than creepy, filled with ghosts, etc etc.

The person then took me to what looked like an old-fashioned hotel room with a large wardrobe in a corner. When opened, it was filled with beautiful Victorian and Edwardian-era dresses.

And that’s all I remember…

But there’s another thing. I’ve dreamed about mausoleums before, and I’m pretty sure that I’ve dreamed about THIS one before. I’ve also had many recent dreams about a huge old mansion. Each time, the mansion looked slightly different, but I always knew that it was the same one… and I think that the combination house/mausoleum was one version of the same mansion.

So… what does it all MEAN?? :rolleyes:

Dreaming about mausoleums as a place to live means you are going to die.

You know, that’s not the most HELPFUL answer ever… :stuck_out_tongue:

It means you shouldn’t eat spicy burritos just before bed time.

This is the kind of thing that requires a factual answer.

Reported for a move to General Questions.

(I’m kidding.)

If you’re dreaming about the same (or a similar) thing or place repeatedly, IMHO you’re trying to tell yourself something. Just what depends on what in this case the mansion/mausoleum means to YOU.

You said you thought it should feel creepy, but your impression was positive. Maybe you want or are looking for something that is different from what others might want.

I think the key is significant. You’re giving yourself permission to enter something or to do something. Have you been trying to decide or to enable yourself regarding some goal or activity that you haven’t been sure about?

There’s something in there about hidden and unexpected splendid things. The mansion/mausoleum was a magnificent structure hidden behind an ordinary strip mall. The building itself was either a mausoleum hiding a mansion or vice versa. The wardrobe hid beautiful clothing.

When I was in therapy, near the end I dreamed that I was walking through a house with all the doors and windows open, and a fresh breeze blowing through. It was a very vivid and uplifting dream. When I woke up and remembered the dream, I took the house to be my psychological self, reflecting the opening up and cleaning out that had happened during the previous two years.

For what it’s worth to you, perhaps the perspective of the house/mausoleum as your psychological self would give you some insight into the dream.

I take it as getting to know your soul ‘know thyself’. The invitation was made, though it was put in a form that seemed forbidden, you were given the keys and go ahead to do so. Much deeper levels of self, perhaps comparable to past lives (real or just reflective/insightful ) lie in those tombs.

The ‘death’ aspect is to discourage one from looking he mansion aspect is to intrigue you. It is the false realty of this world (death) vs the eternal truth.

Someone you met opened a door to that in your life to happen. I feel it is recently, though it could have been back to when you started having such dreams. I believe it is recent because you are willing to explore it now and relate it to previous dreams at this time.

You’ll have seven years of wealth followed by seven years of poverty. Save now.

Some of these answers are great and thoughtful. But… the more I think about it… Omar Little, do you think that’s a cute thing to say? Who does that? Who says that to someone else? Or do you think that anything you say on the internet is just going out into a void with no actual consequences to the feelings of any human being? Do you actually say to people you know in real life, “oh, xyz means you’re going to die”? Do you have any understanding, any concept, of just how creepy and wrong this is???

Do you understand that throwing something like that on the internet practically requires someone to give that kind of answer?

You are processing the fact that Downton Abbey has come to an end.

It means you will never die. Living forever in the museum of people’s minds.

I, for one, will never forget you, Anise.

Surely the first step is to see if dreams mean anything?

Recently I dreamt I was being chased by a gorilla through a park. The park was where I grew up 50 years ago.

Do you really think you are going to get psychological insight of dream interpretation from a bunch of strangers on the internet?

We don’t know what place you come from. GIGO.

Once, I dreamed I was eating a five-lb. marshmallow.

Poor Sta-puft. :frowning: I wondered why he was missing an arm.

Since the person gave you a key to explore the mausoleum maybe you’re getting over your fear of death or coming to terms with it.

Sex. It’s always about sex.

Be afweud. Be vewwy afweud.

Was your pillow missing the next morning :eek: