Interesting Dreams You've Had

This is my last night’s dream:

I’m about to go into some competition-something relating to the Korean-American community. Anyways it seems some sort of World War 3/nuclear war is impending and will happen in a few days. So my parents give me money to go on a bus to go to northern California. My leave is still a few days away.

When I was pregnant with my daughter years ago, I had some really wild “lucid” dreams. In one really memorable one, I was in a gigantic (bigger than it should have been, really) and richly outfitted mansion exploring around. As soon as I “woke up” and realized I was dreaming, I began to fly down the long halls instead of walking. :slight_smile: Eventually, I encountered a man and woman grooming a unicorn, which I stopped and petted. That was pretty cool.

I recently had a dream where a co-worker asked me to tell her how a book ended and when I told her, surprised that she didn’t know how it ended as it is one of the best sellers of all time EVAR. She started to wrestle me.

The book?

The Bible. I told her Jesus Died. Before I could tell her THE NEXT PART, was when she went mental on me.

The other weird dream was I dreamt that our manager kept platypus’ (platypusii?) in her office and it was my job to carry it around work for the day. I must have either been hugging my pillow or hugging the cat ( or something) because that dream was really vivid.
What doe sit mean when you dream of a platypus?

The platypus symbolizes your mother, and the fact that you were carrying it around signifies unhealthy dependence. That’ll be two hundred dollars per session, please.
I have lots of dreams where I’m reading/in an exciting book, and it’s pure awesome, and when I wake up I’m upset that I didn’t get to the ending.

You know how sometimes the ‘flavor’ of the dream stays with you for years? This is one of those.

About seven or eight years ago, I had a dream that my husband was terminally ill. He and I both knew it. He didn’t want to ‘wait’ to die of whatever dread disease he had, so he planned to shoot himself in the head in 24 hours. The entire dream was comprised of us planning how we should spend that 24 hours. . .I woke up very sad. Still tear up at the thought of it (what is that in my eye?)

More recently, night before last, in fact, had a dream that my hubby had gotten an American flag tattooed on his upper arm. Strange in itself, since he’s very much not the ‘tattoo’ type. But I didn’t really say much about it. It’s his body, if he wants a tat, what’s it to me?

It wasn’t a ‘waving’ or ‘flying-in-the-breeze’ flag; just a rectangle, with stripes and stars. But after a time, there was an odd. . .spot, on the flag. I didn’t say anything. After several days (in the dream, of course), he told me “I have this fungal infection on my tattoo. They can’t get rid of the infection without removing the tattoo. . .”


I suppose I wouldn’t call it an interesting dream, more of an odd dream, but I’m going to post it on here anyway.
I dreamt it lastnight and the feeling of it has stayed with me all day.

I dreamt I was pregnant. I kept looking down at my stomach to see if it was growing. It stayed flat, which I thought was odd. Later on in my dream (I was supposed to be three months pregnant by this point), I looked down at my stomach to see it was still flat. I felt sad and thought - Oh, I must have lost it…

Then I woke up.

I once dreamed that I was condemned to die by hanging on a certain date at a certain time. In the meantime, I was free to come and go as I pleased. When the specific date came around, I went in search of the place of execution but couldn’t find it. I encountered many friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen in years and all of them told me they knew where the place was but they refused to tell me because they didn’t want me to die. In the dream, I became very agitated because I had given my word to show up and couldn’t; I imagined some terrible punishment would be inflicted because of that failure. I woke up before the executioners located me, but I was upset for several days afterward.

I’ve mentioned this one before, but probably the most interesting dream I’ve had was a few years ago, just after the passing of Pope John Paul II.

I was the Pope’s (still JP II in my dream) security detail. Part of my duties was inspecting gifts that various people wished to give to him. My partner, who was the co-host of the morning radio show that was on my alarm clock, was acting as sort of an “eye in the sky,” letting me know who might be dangerous. She had informed me that two Nazis were about to try giving a gift to the Pope and that I must intercept it. I would know who the Nazis were, because they were two very large men dressed as bishops.

The Nazis’ gift? Poisoned vichyssoise.

Haven’t a clue what this dream meant.

I’ve dreamed several times that I had a penis. I’m a lady.

I used to nap a lot and I would have very vivid dreams during these naps. One time I dreamed that my best friend and I were hanging out, then she met up with a group of people she knew and left me behind. I woke up crying and felt all shaky and sad for awhile after.

On a pure whim, I googled for a dream decoder.


Years ago I had a dream in which lots of my coworkers would leave the building for lunch. I got curious as to where they were going, so I followed them. It turns out that they were hopping on the subway and getting off at a stop called Kenya. They were going there to swim in the Indian Ocean. (Yes, it was a long train ride.) So I went there and had a fantastic time. But since I didn’t have a passport, the armed guards at the Kenya station wouldn’t let me back into the station, which was considered US territory. I freaked out that I wouldn’t get back to work on time.

On a darker note, I once dreamed that I was messing around with a pistol. It accidentally went off and I shot my friend Mark. I felt really bad about it, but I knew I’d get in trouble for attempted murder, and I didn’t want to leave any witnesses. I apologized to Mark profusely for what I had to do, then I shot him again. He didn’t die, so then I felt REALLY bad, and shot him again. He kept pleading with me to stop, but I kept on shooting.

I have no idea what that was about. Maybe I was mad at him for some reason.

I dream that JFK came back to life as a demon and I have to put him down. He just keeps expanding into some type of giant.

Wow, and I thought my dreams were pretty wack …

When I was with my ex (we broke up over 12 years ago, and these dreams have rarely occurred since), I dreamed all the time that I would float on occassion, like I was a helium baloon or something - ok (but inconvenient) when indoors, but when outdoors, I better be holding on to someone/something - don’t recall any outdoors disasters as a result.

I seem to recall that the floating-ness would come and go unbidden.

Lately, my dreams usually take place with me still being in school (I believe it’s university, which I graduated in 1994) - oftentimes my RL cow-orkers are there too, as my classmates, my RL supervisors are the profs, RL IT is the teacher’s aide, RL manager is the dean, etc. And also lately I’ve been really afraid in my dreams that I’d be late to class, almost every dream. (And I mean really late - class would start at 9:00 and I’d still be at home* at 11:30 desperately trying to get out and go to class.)

*Home, by the way, is almost always my parents’ house, again, I place I haven’t lived at for over 10 years now. I believe I’m married with kids, as in this reality (sometimes they’re mentioned, sometimes they’re not, but they’re rarely seen), but “my room” is still the same small room at my parents that would not fit my family of four nowadays. Until a year or so ago, my place of residence (or at least where the dreams take place, but I think I’m living there) is my grandparents’ place, they passed away in 1989 and 1992. Interestingly, my mom told me recently that until very recently all her dreams took place at her parents’ house (the aforementioned grandparents of mine) as well, even though she’s been out of the house since she got married in 1965!

Oh, and thanks Shirley Ujest for the dream interpretation link!

When I was 15 I had a week-long series of vivid dreams about the end of the world. Well, my world, at least. Some involved atomic bombs, some involved asteroids. I died in all of them.

Throughout my life I’ve experienced apocalyptic dreams, about every month or more, even to this day, and have experienced very vivid deaths in all of them that I can remember. When dying in these dreams my mind and body go through some sort of trance in which, basically, my eyes roll into the back of my head and my mind shuts itself down, as I’ve accepted the fact that my life had come to an end. Waking up at the conclusion of these dreams is really difficult.

My most memorable of vivid dreams was while at some sort of gathering - a night club, maybe - and I was surrounded by many people, at which point I was then approached by an unknown person and stabbed repeatedly in the throat with a knife - It wasn’t quick, it wasn’t painless, it wasn’t surreal. Waking up and accepting reality again was quite a bit to swallow. I really thought I was dead.

People wonder why I suffer from insomnia… Truth is, I don’t like going to sleep.

On a lighter note, I’ve had some rather enjoyable and interesting dreams.

The most interesting dream I had involved me being located somewhere in the middle east. I was in a suburbian area near the carport of a house. I was then met by my fellow troops - I was in the military - where we went to the basement of this house. The basement consisted of manmade tunnels. It was here that the remaining of the dream was our mission to carry out the annihalation of all beings we could locate (zombies) to clear the tunnels. It was almost like being in the game ‘House of the Dead’. This was the longest and most memorable of my dreams.

Sometimes a dream is just a dream.

For several days last week, I had movies that were very much like watching interesting movies. Though I have trained a bit to remember my dreams, I didn’t remember any of them after waking up.

But to me, it was very clearly my brain telling me “Lighten up a bit. Here, let’s entertain you for a while.”

I sort of remember a recent thread about this, but I didn’t get terribly involved with it, but…

Lately I’ve had dreams where everything in my life suddenly made complete sense. It was like all of the puzzle pieces finally fit together and I could suddenly have everything I wanted. For instance, if I tap my wrist three times then I’ll get a new job which will turn the Moon purple which will make a new car suddenly appear before me which will enable Joan Rivers to reprogram all of NBC and then I’ll finally live in Hawaii. Duh! It’s pretty obvious when you think about it, right?

But when I try to go over the logic to make sure I’m right, I’ll have forgotten a step, or one the pieces no longer fits, or the whole thing unravels. And the more I try to get it to work, the less it makes sense. I usually wake up really frustrated.

When I quit drinking I usually have a few days of odd dreams. I only wish I could remember them in detail. I’m convinced they’d make good (albeit surreal) movie ideas.

The most recent interesting one I had was last weekend.

My ex of seven years now called me up and asked me to housesit for her and her boyfriend while they go on a cruise. I said sure and went over there. Their house in my dream was my grandmas house in real life. I get there and a limo shows up and they get in and leave.

I settle in for some tv watching when I hear some noises coming from the backyard. I check it out and discover some neighbors taping off an area of her backyard. I asked them what they were doing and they said they were taking some of the yard to make theirs bigger. A yelling match ensued and soon things were being thrown back and forth. It gets to the point where we are throwing bricks through each others windows.

Well this goes on for several days when I decide I’m getting a lawyer and suing their asses. Just as the case is about to go before a judge my ex and her boyfriend come back from the cruise and I explain the situaion to them and they tell me to lighten up and then they dropped the suit. I was very annoyed at her for dropping the suit because of all I had gone through.

I woke up soon after that and I was still annoyed at my ex and I stayed annoyed at her for the next couple hours. I hate the dreams where the bad emotions from the dream linger on into the day. On the other hand I love the times where you wake up from the dream with good emotions and those linger on into the day.

Funny, I dreamt about an ex last night. The emotions are heavy on me today. I need a fainting couch, I’m feeling all dreamy and swoony. I think my bosoms may even be heaving.

I have a recurring dream, at least once a month, in which I am riding a bicycle to Austin, Texas. I’m in a different place each dream, but I have a bike and I’m headed to Austin.

Go figure.