Had Any Interesting Dreams Lately?

Inspired by this thread, which was in turn inspired by a different thread.

I had one last night. There was a gender switching ray gun in my room. Just one zap and a man would become a woman, or a woman would become a man. (It’s entirely possible I’ve been reading too much EGS lately.) Naturally, I had to try it out.

ZAP I’m a chick!

I spent some time checking myself out in the mirror, felt my boobs (and they felt nice). I was just about to see what it was like to have something in my vagina, but I woke up (stupid alarm clock).

So, had any good ones recently?

Yes. (Sorry too lazy to type it out again, and cutting and pasting is cheating.)

You’re a page on TV Tropes!

Hey… that’s the OP for the thread that inspired the thread that started this thread!

Except for the one with the robot porcupine in the backpacking shop, no; nothing worth reporting.

I dreamed I was in someone else’s dream (didn’t know the person). It was partially lucid, as I knew I was in this other person’s dream, yet I don’t think I was aware I myself was dreaming.

Felt strange all morning.

I’ve been having nightmares lately. Not quite recurring, but the same familiar themes. Over and over. Every night.

Theme #1: Failure imminent.

I’m always back in college or some sort of school. I realize there’s a final exam or a major paper due “tomorrow” or something, but I’ve been skipping the class for at least half the semester and have no idea what’s going on. I can’t go to the professor for help because they would be sure not to recognize me (as I have been skipping.) Sometimes I think I may have dropped the class before the deadline but I’m never sure. Sometimes I panic and start assembling materials to cram. I always wake up before the deadline, but in that early morning haze I still often think (while awake) that I’m royally fucked, and wrack my brain trying to remember if I dropped the class before the deadline. The dream class. That I was never enrolled in, at a school I’ve never been to. Interestingly, the class is always a humanities class. I suppose this is because I took so many math and science courses in RL that I got decent enough at catch-up.

I graduated six years ago. My boss who is seven years older tells me he still has dreams with the same theme. Do they ever end?

Theme #2 - Body Horror
I had one of these last night, and to be honest I’m still kind of squicked out. In these dreams something bad is happening to my body. Disease related. Something really bad and gross. There’s never any physical pain. Always really graphic (as in I see it, and often poke at it.)

Spoilered for gross

Last night I dreamt I had a huge gaping sore on my belly. Flesh sagged, pus oozed. At the same time my left calf was rotting out from the inside and there was raw bloody flesh falling out in chunks. Plus I also was growing some huge gross tumor from a rather “delicate” region.

In these I’m always panicked. The fear is always not of dying, but that I’ll be disfigured or maimed for the rest of my life and be a social outcast because of it. Last night right before I woke up I was trying to rationalize - “I’ll find a really good doctor, he can fix this.” “But you’ll still be hideously deformed!” “What choice do I have?” “You’ll be shunned forever because you are disgusting!”

Yes, I suspect I have “issues”.

If by interesting you mean horrifying, then yes.

It was a stupid dream, but it was a dream, not a nightmare. Somehow if you touched a goldfish, you could cause a person nearby to feel tickled in a roughly corresponding spot - this was all very techobabble and involved a computer being hooked up to the fishtank. Anyway, someone touched the fish and caused me to be tickled along my side.

As that happened, I woke up - and could still feel fingers touching me! Arggh! I almost jumped out of bed, and was so upset that I couldn’t go back to sleep because I was worried it would happen again. Even now I can still picture what it felt like to have fingers poking up from inside of my mattress trying to tickle me.

This is the second dream I’ve had like this; the last time was a horrible nightmare during college when I woke up from being grabbed by a monster and could feel someone shaking me awake but no one was there. Someone told me that there’s a scientific term for this whole I-think-I’m-awake-but-I-can-still-feel-things-from-my-dream thing. Anyone know what it’s called?

I had a dream where I was scratching at my leg, and my skin peeled away to revel a robotic knee joint.

This was disconcerting on two levels.

A) I did not like the idea that I could peel away a layer of my skin and see what was underneath.
B) I did not like the idea that I had a robot knee, presumably implying the rest of me was also robotic.

I immediately woke, for this constitutes a nightmare in my book, and felt oogy for the rest of the morning.

I had a weird one last night. I’m hazy on the details, but basically it was about a new movie phenomenon where you would pay to watch a movie, but you would also get an extended experience in real life too. Problem is, no one tells you until it’s over. Kind of like “The Game” (the movie with Michael Douglas), but with no warning beforehand.

The person in my dream responsible for my movie-real life experience was Quentin Tarantino.

I dreamed that I was back in basic military training again. Usually, this would be a nightmare, but strangely enough, it was a fun dream where I dashed about, shooting at stuff and having people praising at me.

Funny you should ask.

Last night, the dream was that my best friend from high school took me shopping, to buy me an outfit. She took me to a high end, overpriced mall store - like Abercrombie and Fitch - where you didn’t get to pick your clothes. Instead, you were given small slips of paper. Each slip of paper had an abstract design on it and several random words. You chose one of the slips of paper, and a designer would then create an outfit for you, based on what the design and random words told him about your personality. I was afraid they were going to put gold eyeshadow on me, as it apparently included a makeover.

Then it morphed into a Battlestar Galactica/Caprica thing where the computer that generated the designs told me that the cylons had achieved sentience, were worshipping a monotheistic god, and were going to kill everyone. Damned if I could find a space shuttle to get off world and warn Adama.

Hypnagogic hallucination.

I dreamt that I was pregnant. Then I realized that I hadn’t had sex in 10 months and couldn’t figure out why the baby hadn’t come out yet. It was very odd.

Here is one I posted here about 2 weeks ago

I dreamed that I was pregnant, and I kept telling the doctors, “I don’t understand how this happened! I’m a virgin, honest! I don’t remember having sex!” The doctor offered to do an abortion, but I said that I was against killing babies, even if the pregnancy was inconvenient. Yes, I moralize about abortion in my sleep.

i had a dream that i was working in a psuedo-call center environment. There was this new girl who was doing all this work and putting things in file cabinets in the row behind me. I had files in those cabinets so I went to look through and make sure she wasn’t messing with my stuff. (and to be nosy)

The first thing that struck me was that all her file folders were handwritten in this broad scrawl, rather than with typed file folder labels (it’s a quirk of mine).

There were names of all the employees on them and whether they were being kept or laid off. My name was in there and it looked like I was being let go (I’m a contractor, so they just have to end my assignment).

I got really upset with this, obviously, so I went to my drawers to start finishing off some projects. There was a folded pile of printer paper (the kind from a dot-matrix printer) with a note in different handwriting (much neater and cursive) saying “great job! go see [new person] as soon as you get this note.”

A knot in my stomach made me wonder how long that note had been there and if not seeing this note sooner (and therefore obviously not going in to my files soon enough aka goofing off) had cost me my job. Or maybe they were discontinuing me as a contractor and making me full time. I woke up before I found out which one it was.

When I was still pregnant, I dreamed our baby came out looking like a mini full-grown lumberjack cum wrestler. He had a realy strong, cleft chin, a full head of red hair, plus mustache and beard, plus pale skin and freckles and yelled, “Ha HAH!” I remember laughing in my sleep because of his exclamation and saying that that would make a great story for our friends when we told them we’d had our baby. I was also puzzling over the red hair. My husband is Indian and I have dark, curly hair, so the red hair was a little confusing. Plus, he was already wearing a green wrestling suit when he came out. I recall saying, “At least we don’t have to clothe him until he wets himself. Who knew they came with their wardobe already assembled? I wonder how he got that on.”

Thankfully we had a daughter – she didn’t yell “Ha HAH!” when she came out, she had dark hair like she should and no clothes on. Thank God.

I don’t remember much of it, but I had somehow ended up handling a very tiny dragon. It was about the size of a large insect, maybe praying mantis. It liked me, so I ended up being its keeper.

Somewhere along the line, it decided it liked to rest draped across the bridge of my nose. While it was lying there, I came to realize it wanted me to read to it, so I picked up an old, battered book that was lying on a table.

The book was, I believe, Russian fairy tales. Unfortunately, all the pages were out of order, so I couldn’t read it. I then went into a large library type room to find another book, but every single book in there (and there were tons) was one of those trashy bestseller types. They all had light blue covers, too.

That’s all I recall. I know there was more…

I’ve had a lot of those dreams where I’m back in school and not ready for a test/play/recital or I’m back in the Army and not ready for an inspection. I got out of the service over 20 years ago! Aagh!

My most frequent dreams are the “celebrity cameos”. Almost every night I have some celeb show up. The very first one I remember was when I was about 10. I dreamt that I was marrying Valerie Harper (you know, Rhoda). She kept complaining that her wedding dress was the wrong color and so she sat on the altar and started drawing on it with crayons.

The other night I dreamt that I was at Al’s Beef, sitting at the counter with Stephen Colbert, discussing the merits of Chicago-style deep dish pizza. He was wearing a Canadian Mounties uniform (I saw him in one during the Olympics), eating an Italian beef sandwich. And he kept stealing my fries!

Another time I dreamt about Hillary Clinton coming to my office and claiming that my boss was selling secrets to the enemy. She was going to have him arrested as a traitor and then she would take over his job. This was very conflicting because while I can’t stand my boss and wouldn’t mind him getting locked up there is no way that I’d want her being my boss.

Recently, I dreamt that I came home to find my wife in bed with Billy Dee Williams. They were both naked except Williams was wearing the blue cape he had as Lando. When I told my wife about it the next morning she was very upset that I had her sleeping with Billy Dee Williams. She said, “Couldn’t you have gotten Denzel Washington or Don Cheadle?” Sorry, babe, but I don’t know who does my casting.

It’s not like I’m some celebrity crazed fanatic who reads People or Us or watches Access Hollywood. I don’t watch Colbert, I haven’t seen ESB in ages and I can’t stand HRC.

I would love to meet this personthough. Either in my dreams or in real life.