What were you dreaming?

I don’t care if it was a sleeping dream, a day dream, or something in between. What is your latest dream?

I dreamed I had a steam/vacuum cleaner that can be operated by a cat or a dog.

My dog had made a mess on the carpet and he took it upon himself to clean it up. The device then dispensed a treat for him to consume for his good deeds.

What an awesome, full-circle dream, Grrr!

Last night I had an oddly specific, yet stupid, dream about how there was a popular brand of British chewing gum in the 1960s called “Pinball Wizard” and that this was where The Who got the name for their song. This (imaginary) gum was white and mostly odorless, which is was why it was favored by rebellious 1960s gum-chewers who wanted to chew gum in class or other places where gum-chewing was forbidden.

My clock radio is set to turn on the radio ten minutes before the alarm goes off, and since I keep it tuned to the classic rock station it’s possible “Pinball Wizard” was playing while I was still mostly asleep and influenced this dream.

So you dreamt you were at the heart of British rock history :smiley:

I always have oddly specific dreams about people dying. It used to freak me out, but none of them ever happen, so I guess I’m just a really inaccurate, pessimistic psychic. Last night in my dream my cat was diagnosed with terminal cancer of the soft palate (:confused:). I spent most of the dream insisting to my vet that no, that can’t be true, cats don’t have palates, because they don’t have mouths.

So your cat is SAVED! Amen.

I had a dream about that episode of Bonanza with invisible horses. They looked a bit silly riding those horses.
It got kind of boring when it became about coming up with the simplest way to find your invisible horse.

I missed that episode… :frowning:

Having run into an old friend in a public place (airport, I think) I was saying good-bye. And the thought occurred to me that it had been thirty years since I’d seen him, and if it took another thirty to run into him again, one or both of us may well not be around for the second chance. The rest of the dream was me trying to hide my extreme anguish at this realization, and say goodbye with a smile so he’d think well of me.

It has come back to me in day dreams a few times since, and always when it’s a really bad time to have a cry about it. Now would be a good time, but I don’t feel sad about it now.


There was a 7 foot tall Jarethcosplayer. It was a **good **dream. :slight_smile:

Most recently, I had gone through some now-forgotten series of events as myself (male, and not at all young), then ended up in the back room of a restaurant or something like that, as a ten-year-old girl, explaining to a woman there that I just needed to take a break from my new stepfather.

The young girl obviously showed up because I just finished Castle Hangnail by Ursula Vernon. (If there’s anybody out there who doesn’t know her stuff, see her Digger comic online.) The family problems most likely come from several people at work and their relationships.

My big dream in life is to live in New York City. Last night I dreamed that I moved there. I had to live in a tiny studio apartment with three other people, but I was so incredibly happy.

I haven’t been remembering my dreams as much as I did several years ago, but I happen to remember last nights. I was back in college and Mary from Storage Wars Texas was there. She apparently had a crush on me, but I was blowing her off for some reason. It was weird. I haven’t even seen Storage Wars in a really long time.

Not my latest dream because I haven’t been remembering them, but this is the last one I remember…

I was working as a janitor at a university (:confused:never been close to doing that IRL). Somehow, I got involved in an experiment of sorts in a classroom that mimicked the conditions of a totalitarian society. It became real and horrible, people acting like animals without any social constraints. One person was getting picked on by everyone else, and while I was relieved it wasn’t me, the horror of the experience was palpable and terrifying. Suddenly, it’s lunchtime and the class is over, and life returns to normal. I’m alone in the room. In walks Barack Obama who casually walks over to a table and looks at whatever papers are on it. I say something like, “Is that how it really is?” He doesn’t answer, but writes something on a piece of paper, hands it to me and leaves. When I look at the paper, it says, “Thank you”.

The end. (There is no smiley that adequately conveys my bewilderment.)

You may need to lay off the election coverage for a while. LOL!

The last dream I remember having was about six years ago. It was a repeat of one I used to have back in the early eighties. I would be looking out of the second story living room window out into the Bremerton bay, when the nuclear bombs destroyed Seattle. I would be standing there, waiting for the light and heat to reach me. And it did.

I went on a float trip with the Allman Brothers. Greg Allman liked to fly fish from his canoe and I had a great time riding around in Derek Truck’s old green truck. I was embarrassed when my friend ate the last Little Debbies Cupcake without offering Derek one first.

One time I was building a set of book shelves with Joe Montana.

Yesterday morning, I dreamed that I was outside a fancy hotel in the Canadian Rockies and there was a roaring rock-strewn river there, too. It came out of some sort of a wide culvert over which there was a paved seating area. Where I was first at, between the hotel and river, there was a stone wall to keep people from falling in.

But then I was standing near where the river came out of the culvert and there was no wall or anything to keep you from falling in there. The ground was very icy and it sloped gradually right to the water’s edge. I slipped, of course, and fell on my stomach. An older couple were sitting on a bench nearby, but they didn’t do anything to help.

I tried to lay as flat as possible, hoping my coat would provide enough traction to keep me from going into the water until someone could get to me because I knew if I hit the freezing river, all would be lost. But no, I slipped an inch and then an inch more. And then I was sliding in earnest, which is about when I woke up.

This is the second or third dream I’ve had involving a fancy Canadian hotel as the setting. In one, I don’t really remember the details, but the other involved a volcano blowing up and me needing to get into the hotel because there was no other shelter around. I knew the ash and rocks would start falling soon but I was worried about going in because I wasn’t staying there and there was no way I could afford even one night.

On the bottom level near where I was standing was a restaurant. I knocked at the nearest door and a waiter let me in. The staff and the customers were all acting as if nothing was wrong. I went through the restaurant to a back section that was closed. A waitress mentioned that it needed to be cleaned so I started gathering up the dishes, hoping that I could earn my keep until we could be evacuated out. And that was about it.

I went on a float trip with the Allman Brothers. Greg Allman liked to fly fish from his canoe and I had a great time riding around in Derek Truck’s old green truck. I was embarrassed when my friend ate the last Little Debbies Cupcake without offering Derek one first.

One time I was building a set of book shelves with Joe Montana.