What was the most popular cat litter brand in the '70s and '80s?

Do you remember? :confused:

Johnny Cat?

Maybe Tidy Cat? This site doesn’t say but it is an education in the history of kitty litter. The brand name seems now to be “Tidy CatS”. I guess they are trying to expand their customer base.

IIRC my mom used Johnny Cat.

Johnny Cat strikes me as the one I remember seeing the most, but Kitty Litter was also quite popular.

OP, why in the world are you asking?

BTW, not everyone knows that Kitty Litter is a brand name, and not a generic term for clay-based cat sand.

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My recollection would also be Johnny Cat.

Among the cat owners I knew, it was Kitty Litter. However, most of the cat owners I knew went to the hardware store and bought generic bags of that clay-based stuff used to soak up oily spills.

We received pallets of Johnny Cat and Tidy Cat every couple weeks for my retail store in the 80’s. Johny Cat sold more than Tidy Cat because of the price. Anything else was low volume.

I didn’t know clay litter has been around that long. Up through the late 50’s, early 60’s, I remember mom putting sand in a cardboard box and just tossing it all when it got stinky. But our cats were indoor/outdoor, so it wasn’t a big deal.

Johnny Cat at our house, in the 80s.

I asked this question because as I was looking at cat litters, I don’t recall any of these brands existing back in the '70s/'80s but I couldn’t remember what brand I used at that time and was trying to remember. Johnny Cat is a possibility, I recall that brand. Why did they stop making that brand? (I don’t see it around anymore).

Apparently it’s Jonny Cat.


There’s a store finder on the site.

Roomie has been getting the pine cat litter from Trader Joe’s. She tried it when she moved up (well, the cat actually used it) and she likes it.

In the 70s cats didn’t use litter. It was considered very uncool. It was the same for woman who burned their bras and guys who wouldn’t cut their hair and no one used deodorant.

It was a simpler time when cats were finally liberated from possessions who had to earn their keep by keeping houses vermin free and were elevated to the status of family member.

It was a time when equality seemed like an actual achievable goal.

No longer would the cat be shackled to the little box, no, the cat could roam free like his ancestors.

Of course then came the Reagan Revolution and the woman put back on her bra, the man cut his hair, we all put on Right Guard and got jobs, except for the Air Traffic Controllers, and while that was happening, the cat went back to “the box”

I didn’t bother with cat litter.

My cat used to tink outside of the box.