Cat people: what's your favorite litter?

There’s quite a lot of litters to choose from. Is there one that’s superior to the others IYHO?

My favorite is immaterial … the cats like Arm & Hammer unscented … however I’m using the bulk litter from PetCo right now and they seem fine with it …

ETA: I’m not a cat person …

I like any that is non-scoopable. I change litter everyday. My male Siamese actually goes in the toilet. Can’t get him to flush, though. My female will not do the toilet thing, I gave up trying to teach her. So, anyway I buy the cheapest litter in the biggest bag.

The one your cat(s) like.

Blue Buffalo litter. Made from renewable resources (walnut shell), dust free, odor free, clumping, made with “no chemicals, toxins, clay, corn, or grains”. Good stuff.

My cats like lightweight Tidy Cat. But they prefer to do their kitty business outside, which suits me just fine. I have 3 litter boxes for my 2 cats that are really just there for back up when nobody is around to let them out. But when they do use it it controls the odor well and is easy to clean up.

My sister tried to transition her cat to this crystal-like white and blue type of litter after years of using standard litter types, and her cat was having no piece of it, started going on the floor. So yes, it is all in what the cat prefers. If it feels weird to their feet they won’t get in the box.

I’ve been using Breeze since it was introduced in the US.

I bought one of those a couple of months ago. Definitely easier for me, but while my cat uses it, I kind of get the impression that she doesn’t like it.

When I started using it, my 2 cats had to change from scoopable litter to Breeze and they did it with no problems at all. When they had both passed away I got an adult rescue; she used the litter box right away with no problems. A year later I adopted two kittens and they took to it straight away. So I’ve done switches and start-ups with no problems.

ETA: The best thing about it is there’s less mess. No more litter tracked through the house, although once a month or so I might find a wood pellet somewhere.

Compressed newspaper pellets, but they work with the way we do litter boxes. We have a handful of litter on a piece of newspaper in the box, and we just pitch that when it’s used. Essentially we get a clean litter train about 3 times a day. When we had four cats it kept the smell right down.

So compressed newspaper.

Last year I got a free trial of lightweight cat litter. I really liked it. So I switched to a (better) lightweight brand: Tidy Cat. The one with the red (not blue) label.

Just so much easier to scoop and less wastage making up for the cost.

I’ll ask my Serbian friend Irena.

Tidy Cat Multi-cat Clumping.

World’s Best Cat Litter (clumping).

I use Sweatscoop. Mainly because it’s flushable. But, it controls odor pretty good too. I really no longer scoop or flush and just change the litter along with the liner once a week.

The 35 pound green jugs at Costco. Brand escapes me at the moment. Pee actually clumps in it, and cheap ($8 or $9 or so…?) to boot. It does go fast though, which has pros and cons (big pro: can top off litter rather than do a full dump more often).

We used to use Swheatscoop and it worked really well, but stopped because (a) it’s expensive (we have 5 cats now, used to be 7, so it added up) and (b) it made a **lot **of dust.

We switched to the Petco bulk stuff. The cats never had an issue with it, and it’s definitely both cheaper and less dusty.

Started using this when I had two cats. Now that I’m down to one, I still use it.

Tractor Supply’s version of clumping litter is the only clumping litter that actually clumped for my elderly female cat, so I have a few bags of it. We lost our girl over the weekend, however, so I might try some of the light-weight stuff now that I’m down to having just our boy cat.

I’m kind of bummed to learn that you’re not supposed to use clumping litter when you have kittens, though. Apparently some not insignificant percentage of them are dumb enough to eat it and potentially cause themselves blockages.

Naturally Fresh walnut shell pellets (purple-rimmed bag). There is zero tracking and I can easily flush the poop only, little to no litter, down the toilet (important as we have a cesspool, and I am leary of what might happen if too much inorganic litter got flushed down).

However, I got a 10-week old kitten who has no clue. She uses the litter box with any substance inside without complaint. A more experienced cat accustomed to a more conventional litter might be more of a problem. Also, here on Hawaii Island, the pellets are not always available. And even with just one tiny kitten whose poop I scoop out religiously, the pellet stuff needs a change after 4-5 days.

So the Naturally Fresh walnut pellets aren’t perfect. But my biggest dislike with respect to litter boxes is the tracking of tiny bits of litter. This brand/type totally eliminates that, so I’m willing to live with the other inconveniences.